login issues

  1. Ness Lutick

    Legacy GM GMS1.4 successfully acquires my license, but it doesn't work correctly.

    Basically, I logged in with my email and password, it acquired my license and prompted me to restart. I did so, and it reverted back to the login screen. I'm using Windows 7, and I was able to log in to the YoYo Games website from my browser. However, logging in through the client does not...
  2. Red Phantom

    GameMaker Studio 1.4 Not letting me in (login not working)

    Please Help! I shouldn't need a licence key to run gamemaker 1.4 free version? So I was originally using gamemaker studio 8 lite. Now I've chosen to upgrade to the free version of gamemaker studio 1.4 (.1763) to remove the "gamemaker" water mark when creating an executable for your game. Does...
  3. M

    Login attempt from GMP "You need to update your details..."

    Hello everyone, I'm finally having time to check GMP 1.4 and I'm getting a weird message when I try to do so (check attached pic; highlight mine). My details are updated. Not sure exactly if there's something I'm doing wrong as the error message is truncated. AFAIK this shouldn't stop me from...
  4. N

    Legacy GM Can't log into the 1.4 client even though it accepts my license/credentials.

    I get the "Unable to obtain a valid license. Please check your license key and then retry" error message, I retype the email/pass, it's accepted then the client prompts that it has to restart, with the text field changing to "Restart Studio". Clicking "login" right below yields another error...
  5. G

    Mac OSX Unable to login - no network connection

    I've purchased Gamemaker Studio 2, but I haven't actually been able to use it yet. Every time I try to login, I receive the message "Unable to login - no network connection." Some details: I'm using a Macbook pro 2012, currently running OSX El Capitan Version 10.11.6. I've added GMS2 to my...