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    GMS 2 Locked rooms - .ini save file?

    Is there a tutorial on how to make levels unlockable and make the game remember your progress? https://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/file%20handling/ini%20files/ini_open.html
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    Windows Issues Saving Project or Committing ("One or more files are locked")

    Hello, I'm using Windows 10, GMS2, IDE v2.1.1.241 Runtime v2.1.1.158. I was editing a sprite, and after finishing my changes I pressed ctr+s to save. GMS2 crashed, and upon reopening, the sprite seemed to be corrupted, half of my changes were present but the other half were not, and not even...
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    Locked Levels

    Ok so! I dont know what is wrong with this code: I made create event for LEVEL_UNLOCKED and I made creation event like level = 0; , level = 1; , level = 2; Can somebody help?When I run the game nothing happends with levels(I mean msg).And this is left pressed event! switch(level){ case 0: {...