1. E

    Gamemaker Local Variables

    I have this code where I want an instance to be created as long as the circumstances are met. This is the code: if(hAmount < hMax){ var spawnCounter = 0; spawnCounter += 1; if(spawnCounter >= 3*room_speed){ var sRange = irandom_range(65,80)...
  2. Octopus_Tophat

    Am I doing this "arrays of arrays" correctly?

    So I have a script that returns an array of arrays. Not a 2D array, but specifically 2 separate arrays. My reason for doing this is a bit tricky to explain. It's for inventory management. Basically I am building this array with the script, and then looping through a list of instances, and...
  3. R

    Question - IDE #No auto search/suggestion popup

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a bug in the editor, but local or limited scope declared variables (var Somevariable=a value or Somevariable=a value) don't seem to recognised by the editor in scripts where they are declared. It does work in objects. Global declared variables...
  4. matharoo

    Tubetastic: Couch Multiplayer + Online (PvP/PvE) [Windows, Android, iOS]

    >> Play on Steam << Project Lead: @Chris Goodwin Programmer, Community Manager: @matharoo Art by MattR.org.uk About the game Welcome to Tubetastic: World Splashfest where 1-4 tubers enter the pool, but only one can be crowned king. Immerse yourself in an acid trip sea of fast-paced chaos as...
  5. T

    Does anyone have a method of meeting GMS devs in their area?

    To give some definition to this post, we would be looking for some method of creating a group of locals also interested in learning or practicing Game Maker Studio. The difference to groups that meetup to jam, would be that this group would have an open availability to anyone looking to hone in...
  6. Edwin

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] draw_set... are performing for another objects

    Hello, comrades. I have a problem that I can't solve: When I set a font/colour/alpha and other stuff for my sprites or fonts in one objects Draw Event when I draw something in another object it shows the same properties that I just set. I know that I can use functions like draw_sprite_ext or...
  7. Luotigames

    Asset - Project 2-4 Players Gamepad local multiplayer

    With this project you can create an awesome local multiplayer game. Choose 2-4 players, select a level and play. Gamepad controls: - Left stick for moving - Right stick for aiming - Right shoulder/trigger button to shoot Menu: - Choose amount of players (2-4). - Choose level ( 2 levels). -...
  8. P

    Discussion [Resolved]Please, YoYoGames, let us disable Built-In Variables

    Summary: In this post I explain how I feel all the built-in variables that are usually unused might be affecting performance. Then a moderator responded saying it doesn't affect performance that much. So lets not worry. Also a guy responded that yoyo actually thought about it and might implement...
  9. Coded Games

    Windows thinks a Script is local variable.

    Hello, so I've been building my game in MacOS using GMS2 and when I export to Windows I'm getting a strange error that I don't get in MacOS. Here is the code: if (!ds_stack_empty(global.playStack)) { if (ds_stack_top(global.playStack) != card_teleport && ds_stack_top(global.playStack) !=...
  10. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM is there a difference between 'var i = 0;' and 'i = 0;'

    Hey I have a very simple basic question. Is there a difference between var i = 0; and i = 0;
  11. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Client from a different machine won't connect to the server locally?

    Not long ago, I tried out having a wifi connection with two computers connecting to the same wifi, and since what I have here is said to be local connection, I thought this should work between two machines of the same connection. May be I'm misunderstanding something, but for whatever reason...
  12. G

    Legacy GM Local Weather

    Hey GMC! About a month ago I was banging my head trying to work out how to make a game that detects your local weather then applies this information to the weather inside the game. Example: if it is raining in real life, then it will rain in the game. I couldn't work out how to do it so I gave...
  13. L

    Using local variables for external audio- is this efficient?

    As far as I'm aware using external sounds leads to better performance. Therefore my project so far relies exclusively on loading external sound. The project uses around 150 so far so assigning an instance variable to every sound seems a little silly. Therefore much of the sound code looks...
  14. S

    Windows Turbo Slam Dunk Unleashed! (Local 2 Players Basketball Game)

    Download: -Itch.io Page -Gamejolt Page Game's offical twitter Hello there GMC ! I'm happy to introduce my first offical project - Turbo Slam Dunk Unleashed ! It is a simple basketball game, for you and your friends . Perfect for chilling :) How to play: You can use either a keyboard or a...
  15. NazGhuL

    HTML5 Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse

    PLAY Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse is a simultaneous 2 player game of surviving the apocalypse! Against a friend or the computer, dice are frantically rolled and actions are made each time you get a 7. Be the first to bring your meeples inside the fallout shelter. Not enough room left? Kick your...