local variable

  1. K

    GMS 2.3+ Struugle to fix some glitch in my code

    so i'm following a tuto ! and i'm stuck at a dialogue box episode ! and i tried to fix the error but i'm to new to this and i don't know where the error is ! if you could help me it would mean a lot to me ! so the error is : local variable _txtb_x(100067) not set before reading it. at...
  2. flyinian

    SOLVED Need some clarification.

    Declaring a local variable once and using it multiple times throughout the same event for entirely different things....Could this cause bugs and such? Example: if(something) { var house; house = object1; //code that uses the new value of "house". }; /// Lots of other code not using local...
  3. S

    Trouble with quest lines

    Hello, so I've been doing a quest line tutorial by Friendly Cosmonaut () and when she creates a variabile ds_quests for me it is just a local variabile (it is highlighted by yellow and her is blue). I don't know what I did wrong I re did the whole tutorial again and again, but no change. The...
  4. H

    GMS 2 (SOLVED)Issue with setting local variable to (global variable value - amount)

    Hello, I keep getting the following error: when trying to do the following code: new_total_coins = old_total_coins - global.costume_price if(draw_coin_amount > new_total_coins) { switch(draw_coin_amount) { case 0: draw_coin_amount= global.coins_totalcollected...