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  1. Lord KJWilliams

    Windows do you need quotation marks for using load_csv function, to import strings?

    Ive been reading the online manual , and the load_csv function does not state if your csv file needs to have values that are treated as strings to be enclosed in " " , double quotation marks so that load_csv converts it to a string variable. Does any one know ? Thanks
  2. S

    GMS 2 "load_csv" dont load the last string

    Hello, guys! I have been using "load_csv" for my table (attached file with excel screenshot). And i got very strange situation (attached file with debugger screenshot) There are no the string with id 4: "Mana Potion". But we all need mana! Is it a bug or feature? (Gamemaker 2, IDE v2.0.6.146...
  3. Johan Vinet

    Question - Code [SOLVED?] load_csv() crash runner.exe?

    Hi there! My proto is crashing and this is the error I got: "C:\ProgramData/GameMakerStudio2/Cache/runtimes\runtime- exited with non-zero status (-1073741819) elapsed time 00:00:29.1159824s for command...