load data

  1. A

    Saving Game Data

    Hello! I've developed some small web-based games in the past, and now I'm moving on to bigger fish. In the project I'm working on now, I have a map of tiles (100x100) that I want to save/load once the player has modified the world. At first, I assumed a CSV file would be the best solution to my...
  2. TheRealMrSketch

    GML Loading data for a script is not working.

    I am building a clicking simulator game and I want the game to save and load to where you left off last time you played. The amount of clicks stored is working just fine and want to check if I pressed a button already. Pressing a button will give me more "clicks" per second which is checked in a...
  3. SubWolf

    Android Wifi is loading a save file?

    Hello, I'm having a strange problem that I don't have a clue what is causing it... I have a script to LOAD my game data from a file (let's say the file name is "save.sav"), when the game starts I have an object that checks if the file exists: if (file_exists(working_directory + "save.sav"))...
  4. M. Idrees

    GMS 2 How To Change Sprite With An External Sprite On Run Time [ SOLVED ].

    Hi, I have set a profile pic for my game character and, I want to allow the player to set his own profile pic from an external image file. How can I do this ?. I tried the sprite_add Method but I can't figured it out that how I can use this while my game is running ? Thanks.
  5. W

    Data structure with index does not exist

    Hello, so i am new to GML and i am trying to load data from a JSON file into game maker and save that data as variables. I am able to load the data from JSON file, but unable to use the variables?? when i try to add the variables into a ds_list for example, it then throws the error saying "Data...
  6. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 Saving / Loading Button Information

    I am trying to load information saved for a button. In the instance creation code in the room editor, this button is given an ID (var idd). This variable is not defined in the create event. Could someone please tell me why this code does not work at all? The problem is that no...