lives not working

  1. IceTray

    GMS 2 Lives drop to 0 but game over never happens

    Hello, I am very new to game making. I started following a youtube tutorial called "My First Game" to learn how to make a basic space shooter game in drag and drop. I have a ship and when it crashes into the asteroids it loses a life but when my lives are at zero the game over screen never pops...
  2. C

    SOLVED [problem] tracking life's trough different rooms

    for school i have to make a game in gamemaker 1.4 . we work in teams and one of my teammates suggested to make a secondary room where you have to answer a question to respawn at the current level and if u answer it wrong you got to start at level 1 again. we wanted to give you a second try. i...
  3. R

    Remove lives when an object reaches a specific location on the y coordinate

    Hi, I'm trying to get lives to be removed when an object reaches a specific coordinate on the y-axis. I'm using: if (object.y == 800) { llives=lives-1 } It's not working at all with this. I've tried if (object.y > 800) { llives=lives-1 } Which randomly seems to increase the number of...
  4. Z

    Problem with lives in game[Solved]

    Hi, I am new to gamemaker .I am making a remake of Asteroids .I have problem with lives. I want lives and when player has 100 points add another live but stop after one added and after player reachs 200 points add another live.Here is a code: var LoopCount for (LoopCount = 0; LoopCount <...
  5. B

    Life Deduction

    In Game Maker 8, I set my avatar 3 lives(Create Event), and every time he collides with an enemy, he's deducted a life, by using the action set lives relative to -1. However, whenever I collide with an enemy, I immediately die. What's wrong?
  6. C

    Legacy GM Lives breaking?

    So I have my game set to 3 lives, where if you lose all of them you get to the you lose screen, but when you press the R key to restart you now have unlimited lives... Anyone know what i should do? Thanks!