1. Tyler D. Anderson

    Windows Live Shader Editor [Coming Soon]

    Greetings Fellow Devs, Today, I present a tool that will greatly improve the shader development workflow - a tool that was painstakingly put together through trial and error / constant testing with hypotheses because GMS2 is closed-source. Live Shader Editor is a C++ extension that allows you...
  2. YellowAfterlife

    Asset - Extension GMLive.gml - livecoding for GMS1 & GMS2! [now with 2.3 support!]

    Links: blog post · · marketplace · documentation Price: USD 29.95 (itch) / USD 39.99 (marketplace) GIFs: livecoding a visual effect in GMS1 · tweaking things in GMS2 · initial teaser Modules (GMS2): all Modules (GMS1): all but HTML5 (bug wasn't resolved before EoL) Versions: GMS1, GMS2...
  3. YellowAfterlife

    HTML5 GMLive.js - test GML right in your browser!

    The thing itself: Blog post: In short, through a lot of trouble I made a GML->JS compiler that works closely enough to the original one. Then it is hooked up with a special project build and runs very similarly to how actual GML code would...