1. I

    Windows Prevent layer from updating until: "x"

    So I read the guidelines and it said I could ask for help getting the most out of this product but I'm new here and this is my first post, so, I'm hoping it's in the right place. Here goes: in a game I used to play on the gamecube abbreviated as: "SAB2" the main protagonist in it created a blue...
  2. J

    How well does GameMaker 2 perform when Games get big?

    I am asking, especially wondering if there are any Resource Limitations, like the overall amount of Scripts, Sprites, Objects, etc. that can be created, if there are limits to Instances in a room or room size in general, or if any of you have any experiences, working on big Projects with lots of...
  3. flyinian


    I am currently planning on creating a game that is platform based with tower defense and idle game mechanics. I haven't found any forums or such that clearly lists the limitations with GMS2. What I know so far: 1. GMS 2 has a hard time/cannot handle numbers higher than 2 billion. 2. GMS 2 also...
  4. M

    I have a problem with GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Edition and the Trial Edition

    Hi, I need help on GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Edition. There is a problem with the Trial edition where the resources has the limits so that you cannot create more than 10 scripts which is a big problem for me, because it is really important for me to have the access to the unlimited amount...
  5. S

    Legacy GM Is there a limit for the choose() function? [SOLVED]

    I am making a Hangman game. Basically, I have a word list that is just a choose() function. If it helps, I'm developing for Windows. My question is really quite simple: Is there a limit for the amount of arguments in choose()? I currently have 290ish words. I want to hopefully expand to past...
  6. D

    Discussion Why the resources limitations during the Beta period?

    Hello! I'm using GMS to develop my next commercial project, and I would like to move it to GMS 2 as soon as possible, but I've seen there are a lot of resources limitations. Why those limitations? I think we could provide YoYo Games much better feedback if we could start developing full...