lighting system

  1. RyanC

    GML 2 Color Lighting System - Surfaces & bm_max Issue

    Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a better way of doing this: My lighting system uses 2 separate surfaces, 1 for all the background sprites and 1 for the foreground with the player and floor blocks etc. I am trying to achieve a system that will render these surfaces in the GUI_Begin...
  2. H

    Using Primitives to make a Lighting System which shows the first visible wall--

    I followed that one tutorial ( to achieve a dynamic lighting system in my top-down game (which was a pain, because the article refuses to load, and I had to find an archive of it. Do y'all know why they took...
  3. P

    GML [SOLVED] Primitives stored in vertex buffers not being drawn to screen

    Hi. I am attempting to create a realtime lighting solution for my game. So far, I have been able to identify all the edges of my objects and have stored them in a list. I am using vertex buffers to store primitives that represent the shadows cast by these edges, but none appear to be drawn to...
  4. Tiago Carvalho

    GMS 2 Can a drawn surface be bigger than a room?

    Good afternoon. I am using surfaces to create a lighting system (dark rectangle that overlays the room) , starting at -100 x and -100 y, and being bigger than room width by 100 and room height by 100. When using screen shake, there are parts of the room that are not overlayed, only near the...
  5. Marko03970

    GMS 2.3+ Lightning system

    Hi, I have problems with the lighting system in gms2. I made classic lights with surfaces, and I added shadows too. It's working well, but when I turn on 3-4 lights it starts lagging. Does anyone know any great tutorial or any advice on how to make it faster? Thanks
  6. RipRoarinBoogerBenis

    Lighting Help

    So I built a lighting system that projects 4 black triangles from the corners of the object casting the shadow. It works for the most part, and changing depth according to distance from the player means shadows will be drawn over objects that are further away and don't have line of sight to the...
  7. P

    GMS 2 Accessing Sprite / Mask As Vertices

    I'm currently trying to improve my project's implementation of shadow projections. Currently, the lighting system is very rudimentary, and works as follows: 1. Render a surface and populate it using all light-creating objects' lighting sprites 2. Calculate the projection of all shadow-casting...
  8. FatalSleep

    Quick Ray-Traced (QRT) Lighting Tutorial

    GM Version: GM:S 2 ( IDE, RunTime). Target Platform: Any (As long as they support GLSL ES Shaders). Difficulty: Hard Download Example: Google Drive GitHub: Repo & Technical Writeup Summary: This tutorial will cover the difficulties of lighting and my specific solution using...
  9. A

    Discussion I cant buy anything from the marketplace.

    I wanted the Aura 2 Lighting engine for GMS2. I can't buy anything from the marketplace. Is there any other place I can get it from? I live in India and that would be the issue if i'm not wrong.
  10. Luke Pierson

    Player Lighting Running Off By Itself

    Hello! So I followed a couple tutorials on how to make a sort of torch effect for my player, and the lighting looks cool, but it seems that as soon as I start moving my player, the torchlight moves faster and so it seems to run off by itself and is not attached to where my player is. How can I...
  11. S

    GMS 2 Lighting and Shadows

    Evening all, I have just finished the YoYo lighting blog ( and have everything working as explained. I have made a couple of changes but I have one thing I want to amend but I am struggling with and I hope the...
  12. Nocturne

    GMS 2 Aura 2

    Buy For $7.99 here: NOW UPDATED FOR GAMEMAKER STUDIO V2.3+!!!!! Aura2 is a GMS2 specific remake of the lightweight, easy to set up lighting engine that I created for your 2D games. It's main feature is that it's a simple to...
  13. Felipe Rybakovas

    Legacy GM Camera is not Zooming out after lightning surface

    Hi Folks, I´m working with a isometric ARPG and in this game we have a local coop for 2 players. I´ve got the camera zooming out when a player get away from the other, but since I implemented a Lightning system the zoom out is not working anymore. I know that maybe is something related to to...
  14. M

    problems with my lights and shadow

    Hi, i have been trying for quite some time to create lighting for one of my game, but i am not very talented with coding. Using a bunch of tutorial and a bit of work of my own i managed to craft this frankenstein monster of a lighting system but there are a few issues which i couldn' t resolve...
  15. F

    Getting rid of orphan pixels using a shader?

    Hello! I made a fluid looking lighting system based off of this example here: But I have this ugly looking problem where, if two light sources are aalmost about to connect up, they start...
  16. M

    GML Any idea how this kind of lighting is made?

    So how the heck did these guys make this kind of lighting? Is this shaders? Or is this color subtraction? Something else? I can manage something like this on a image editing program with indexed colours and subtracting layers, but can't get my head arround how something like this would be...
  17. Master Maker

    New Topic-Game Design Document Ghost Writer

    I was wondering what the best way, in code, to spruce up images, make them look nicer, etc. I was also wondering about 2d lighting and materials - how to go about creating them, implementing them, etc.
  18. Double7

    Question - Code Is the lighting implemented yet in BETA?

    I am planning on using GMS2 for a future project and I am trying to get some lighting working. I am copy pasting what it has in the manual just to try to get it working and nothing is happening in my game. Here is my code draw_self(); draw_set_lighting(true); draw_light_define_direction(1, 0...
  19. A

    Shaders WWH : Lighting system with normalmaps using shaders? Here are the things you need.

    WHAT, WHY, HOW : Lighting system WHAT? First of all, you need to know what are we talking about. The lighting system is a difficult yet necessary part of your game development. The light creates the WOW effect about your game. Unless you are doing a pixel art game, you probably wants normal...
  20. R

    Creating searchlight effect

    What I would like to do is to create a spot light that simply sweeps back and forth from left to right, and slightly up and down in an oval like pattern - like a search light, complete with that cone of light (I am sure it has a technical name, I just don't know it.) Think of the Bat Signal...