1. R

    Question - Code Please, help with light system

    I want to create a lighting system in 3/4 view, as well as with a map of normals and heights. But my level in Open GL is enough only for working with colors and textures. And lighting systems like "fast light" and "light system 2d" are not suitable, because they are either for the platformer or...
  2. Zabicka

    GMS 2 Is there a way to draw a circle with gradient blur?

    Hello, so I wanted to draw a circle with blurred sides, like a light source without the need of using a sprite, is there a beginner friendly way to do it? Instead of this: Something like this:
  3. SeirLord Games

    GMS 2 Tile Shadow Light System

    Hi, I am making a RTS game with... ants, and I was thinking to add some shaders or something to the underground, so it has details and does not seem plain images. So I thought about lights, I like the light used in the game called Empire of the Undergrowth, but is a 3D game. The underground...
  4. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 how can i put a glowing outline for sprites

    i have a explosion sprite that i want to have on it a glowing outline for that it can be seen clearly on dark places can u show me some ways to how to do that pls :)
  5. P

    Help using subrtract blendmode on surfaces

    Hey everyone, I've created a surface which is dark blue, and signifies the night time. As you can see in my example, I have several lights placed, and a light around the player. I'd like those lights to punch a hole in the surface. Here's the code for my surface draw: if...
  6. Megax60

    Game closes when trying to draw a surface

    I did a light system some weeks ago, and it worked, now that i changed my pc, game closes when i try to draw a surface, it doesn't even give a error log
  7. B

    Graphics Celeste-like lighting engine!

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: Summary: Hi, Here a little Lighting Engine that i made on GMS 2. It's not very impressive, but it can make a good job. It is based on the Mike Dailly tutorial for shadow projection...
  8. K

    Windows More realistic lighting

    Current My Game Lighting : gif - Currently, the lights are on the player's head. However, fixed lighting is required. Also, I would like to change the angle of illumination with time. like real sunlight The room is very huge. view size is 960,540 and view hsp = 10 ...
  9. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2 Soft Light / Fog / Enviroment

    Hello, I've been trying to gather information about how to create some soft lighting since all the information about lighting systems basically were pretty rough and not blending smoothly. I'm basically looking to create enviroment scenes from soft lighting, maybe fog and stuff like that...
  10. lukbebalduke

    Released Lamparina [GGJ 2019]

    Everything within the range of light, gains life. Everything else, turns to stone. Lamparina is a top-down puzzle game, where you open magic doors by adjusting the projection of light and solving enigmatic challenges! Lamparina was created in less than 40 hours, for the Global Game Jam...
  11. lukbebalduke

    Asset - Graphics Professional 2D Light System

    Hey folks, how you doing? I would like to share with you my newly published asset, Ultimate Light Engine, a powerful, fast and easy to use 2D Light system that can be implemented in your game - it can be a platformer, a top-down game, a puzzle or any type of game. This asset allows you to...
  12. TinyGamesLab

    Graphics Exciting Environment

    GM Version: 1.4 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: see videos below Summary: A quick tutorial of a series on how to achieve a nice game feel by adding simple environment elements to your game. I was developing a melee tutorial and funny enough, I didn't like how unexpressive the...
  13. Tails1000

    [SOLVED] Changing the color of lights

    I hit a hiccup in my lighting engine, as I can't figure out how to create different colored lights. I've tried several different blend modes with no luck. My goal is to create something that looks like this: But right now I'm only able to make white light, not orange. Here is a pic of my...
  14. zendraw

    Game Mechanics [Discussion]Collision codes

    so recently ive wrote a collision code that i find most functional and light then anything ive seen. Collision code that deals with instances and is not grid based, thus giving you maximum freedom of usage. this is the code var ins=instance_place(x+x_speed, y, o_block); if...
  15. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED + FINAL CODE] When creating a surface... (lighting)

    To make a long story short I followed the lighting tutorial by Talent Lost and I ran into a bit of stumbling block. Everything works as intended but I use large rooms. Since I'm creating surfaces at the start of these rooms to make this lighting system to work by the room width and height...
  16. C

    Using Particles with Blend Layer Effects Possible?

    Hey Everyone, My partner was asking me if it's possible to use layer blending like how there is in photoshop to create the light effect demonstrated with the right candlelight. The left is without blending As far as I know, there isn't a layer blending option in the room editor and I said...
  17. Megax60

    Legacy GM Light system without affecting background

    i already have a code for the light system, but it also affects the background, pls halp. here's the code for "obj_lightcontrol" Create event: global.light = surface_create(room_width, room_height) Draw event: var bbb = 1, i; with (obj_lightspot){ xs = instance_nearest(x,y,obj_lightrand).xd }...
  18. W

    Help Flickering Sprite

    I'm trying to get a white square to randomly change transparency between 5 and 0.5. I want the object sprite to randomly flicker like flickering lights :) something like: between 5 and 0.5 randomly change image_alpha += 1;
  19. Nocturne

    GMS 2 Aura 2

    Buy For $7.99 here: Aura2 is a GMS2 specific remake of the lightweight, easy to set up lighting engine that I created for your 2D games. It's main feature is that it's a simple to use, no-fuss solution to the problem of...
  20. KorbohneD

    Trying to do day and night circle with lights

    I looked trough all those tutorials, but I could not find any that were for Game Maker Studio 2 and/or worked. The changing of the alpha works just fine, but there is absolutely no object lightsource that has a Glow on it. The Glow just won't show up. I tried all the different blend modes, but...