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  1. Y

    GMS 2 Question about the price of licenses

    Hi :) I'm trying to figure out some pricing details. Say I was to purchase the Mobile license ($399.99). Would that give me the option to publish to all the platforms included in the cheaper licenses as well as the mobile platforms? Also, say I was to purchase the $99.99 desktop license...
  2. S

    Hi, veteranDev researching Tools 4 speedDevCycling. Have License, have questions, I did search.

    Hi, should I just jump into this ? First, let me provide a scope for my level of communication here.. I've been working in games since 2003. I mention this as to hopefully avoid needless replies. - Reason for posting: I want to use GameMaker for certain projects for an indie team I am...
  3. G

    Android Unable to get a valid license...SOLVED

    Game Studio Professional Edition 1.4.1763 Hey all, I've been working on a game for both windows and android and have been testing on my android via usb just fine until today. Today I wanted to upload to google play and start testing an alpha build, and was informed that I had to download the...
  4. H

     my beta license expired and now I can't work!

    hello. I uninstalled gamemaker 2 because I had a problem with it. Now my beta license expired. I purchased gamemaker 1 and now I can't work on my projects.. How can I reinstall it now? Or download a gamemaker 1 version? Thanks
  5. C

    Redeemed GM Pro Humble Bundle Code from G2A, received nothing

    (TL;DR at the end) Hi all. Recently i purchased 2 keys from G2A: -1 Humble Bundle key for GMS pro version (XXXX-XXXX) -1 HTML5 key for Pro version (not sure if originate from Humble Bundle or not, looks something like this XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXB958132) I redeemed the GMS Pro key first...
  6. M

    GMS 2 Game Maker Professional License?

    I got a Game Maker Studio Professional license, through humble bundle a few months back, and I'm wondering if it will carry to Game Maker Studio 2 Or if I need to re-license it for 2.0? (This isn't about the open beta so I don't think I should post in the other thread) Thanks! :) Nevermind...
  7. M

    Windows My License Stopped Working

    So I launched Game Maker Studio 2 today and its giving me an error saying license is invalid and if I click the details it says license expired. I bought the license upgrade back when it was $59 or something dollars. It says that the license is permanent I want to use Game Maker Studio 2 but it...
  8. C

    License not updating

    Hi, everyone, hope someone can help me with my problem: I'm unable to update my license. Today I bought the Game maker studio professional license + Mac Export, in order to implement steam achievements and Mac Export for my steam game "Fearful Symmetry". For some reason I failed to update my...
  9. Aviox

    Question - IDE Source Control Timeline?

    Is there any word on when source control will be available in GMS2? I noticed the help file's instructions show options to set it up that don't currently exist in the IDE. I also noticed one of my favorite (read: least favorite) lines in the helpfile: I'll also say, this language is kind of...
  10. TravsVoid

    Discussion GMS2 Licenses?

    I have been looking at the GameMaker Studio 2 Beta and I am interested in buying when it releases but I have a question about the licenses. I would like to get the Web license but does that also include the Desktop license? Or would I have to purchase both to get the Windows and HTML5 export...
  11. A

    Question - General How to buy from Marketplace? Licenses?

    How to buy from Marketplace? Licenses? - If i buy an asset from the marketplace, i can just use it for 1 game or i can use for any game i make with gamemaker? - Are all the assets for commercial projects or i have to keep checking their licenses?
  12. Q

    Legacy GM How do I check my license?

    So, I bought a HumbleBundle today and a GameMaker pro license was included. I've used GameMaker in the past and learned a bit of GML, I decided I'd try this out again. I've got the license on my account, but I'm not sure if I've got it on the program. How do I check?
  13. N

    License Keys

    Hi, I'm Nic / NinjaNic, new to this forum. However, I'm not sure if I should say I'm new to GameMaker. Many years ago I had GameMaker and I had so much fun with it but eventually stopped using it, but never stopped making games. Recently, someone told me about the Humble Bundle deal and I was...
  14. D

    Problem updating my license

    Hey guys, i just bought a copy of GM: Pro, and I´m having a hard time updating my software. I registered the licenses to my Yoyo account and set then to primary. When I open "GM: S" and get to "Help->Update License" I just can´t make the software update. When I enter the License number or...
  15. I

    GM Steam Key Linking to yoyo Account

    Hi There, I recently brought a steam license for GameMaker Pro. After 14 days I tried to link my yoyo account with steam. What I'm getting is an alert saying "No modules found ... blah blah". I tried the recover key option using my email. I got a mail with GameMaker key saying license for...
  16. R

    Android GameMaker: Studio Issues with Android

    If no changes by Sept 17th the following will occur: LIBPNG ISSUE: Beginning September 17, 2016, Google Play will block publishing of any new apps or updates that use vulnerable versions of libpng. ADMOB ISSUE: In order to ensure that your ads continue to serve after September 15th, 2016...
  17. D

    License will not activate

    Hi, I recently reinstalled GMS and my license won't activate. I have a license for the Professional version, and whether I put it into GMS itself or add it to my online account, nothing seems to happen. Do the licenses expire? Is there a known bugfix? I still get the splash screen when working...
  18. T

    Windows I can't even get into the program.

    So, about a month ago, I made a YoYo Account, subscribed to the Marketplace, downloaded Game Maker Studio, everything. Now, I'm not very wealthy, so I downloaded it for free. When I open the program, I type in my account information into the "YoYo Account" section, and here's what I get: "You...