1. P

    Discussion About the licenses

    Hello everyone! I am about to try GameMaker Studio 2 for the first time, coming from Unity. Definitely I will start with the trial version, but eventually will upgrade for a developer version. About the licenses, I wish to deploy my game on Windows and mobile devices, so do I need to purchase...
  2. T

    Game Maker Studio 2 Desktop lost my license

    Hello! I have in issue. For the one year we worked on the project. An dyesterday suddenly my Game Make 2 IDE began to say me I have only Trial version and can't open any of my projects. I have tried to recover my License Key via YoYoGames site but don't know where should I enter it. We can't...
  3. D

    Discussion [Solved] Computer Failed! License Question

    Hi guys, I did a search but couldn't find what I was looking for. I purchased a "GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Windows" license not a couple of weeks ago, and since then my laptop has completely died. In my desperate struggle to get a replacement machine, I've come across a MacBook that I'll be...
  4. M

    License key

    Hey I just wanted to know if anyone knows how or where I can get a license key for game maker 1.4 ?
  5. D

    Windows License Invalid (p.s. required updates)

    I purchased a GMS:2 license, and can log in to the program just fine, but whenever I launch it, it seems like my license isn't cached, leading to a "license invalid" warning prior to logging in. This is a huge problem for me, as there have been numerous occasions where I haven't had internet...
  6. L

    Distribution Question about GM asset licensing

    Hello all, I have a question regarding licenses. I'm working on my own game as a hobby project. I've written my own game engine and I'm no artist by any means. I'm exploring ways to obtain a consistent art style nonetheless. I'm quite intrigued by the GameMaker sprites. I'm making a 2D RPG, so...
  7. KishSquared

    GM 1.4 Licenses

    I can't seem to find where my GM 1.4 licenses are stored in my YoYoGames profile. Did they remove 1.4 licenses? All I can find is GM2 license info.
  8. zendraw

    Windows Problem with GMS IDE and licenses

    So, i reinstalled the windows, now after installing gms 1 and starting it i get this poput, ofcorse when it asked about what channel to use i specified that i want to use the stable channel, i think it asked at the end of the installation or at some point. when i write that link it simply...
  9. A

    Question - IDE Stuck In Trial Mode?

    I upgraded my Game Maker 2 license from the trial mode yesterday, but was still stuck with the trial mode limitations. I signed out and back in to my account multiple times and have reinstalled GameMaker 2 multiple times but haven't been able to fix the issue. Any idea on how to solve this problem?
  10. C

    GM 8.1 License Format

    I have a license for GM 8.1 but I'm unable to use it because I don't know the license format (where the hyphens go, I only have the numbers.) Would anyone mind providing it in a format like XXXX-XXXX et cetera? Thanks in advance! (P.S. don't question why I want to use GM 8.1)
  11. M

    Discussion I purchased Game Maker Studio 2, but did not receive a license key.

    By all accounts, I should be fine. My Game Maker Studio 2 has unlocked the extra features, i have access to 1.4 professional, and so on. But for whatever reason, the license key was never generated. If I try to recover the key, the website tells me that there are no licenses to be recovered.
  12. T

    Windows 'Invalid License' Bug

    I have been unable to use my copy of GMS2 since I purchased it a week ago. I bought it from Steam, installed it, and went to run it. When it asked me to sign in, I did, then it told me that my license was invalid. When I go to my Yoyo account, it clearly says that I have a license granted to me...
  13. L

    Question - IDE Issues with GMS2 Educational licensing

    We purchased 20 GameMaker Studio 2 Education Licenses for our university labs to test the software and see if it would work in our multi-user lab environment. In testing we found a few issues that would impact our deployment of the software. 1. It seems that the My Account page is...
  14. N

    Re-acquiring Gamemaker license? (RESOLVED, feel free to delete)

    Hi all, I haven't been around here for a while but recently I came back as I wanted to start working on a new idea I had. When I tried to log back in, all of my email attempts were denied saying that none of them existed. As a result I've lost the license key I had when I bought Gamemaker 1.4...
  15. T

    Question - IDE Stand alone license? Steam*

    I purchased GMS 2 through the Steam store. Checking my licenses it doesn't appear like I can use the Steam license to get a standalone license. Are they one in the same now? I'm just curious, as I don't plan on closing my Steam account ever. ;) Cheers
  16. Samuel Venable

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] "unable to download rss file to begin download of missing modules!"

    I tried installing the current early access version of GMS1, and I get this error every time I try to run it after installation: What am I supposed to do to get it working? The module drop down is acting like I'm using the free version, even though I have master collection and tried entering...
  17. R

    Question - IDE Move from Trial to License

    I recently was trying out GameMaker Sutdio 2 and really liked it so I decided to purchase a desktop license. In my account it shows that I own that license, however if I go into GMS2 build targets on my windows machine all I see is the test platform. I am assuming the free version is the same...
  18. A

    Discussion [SOLVED] Purchased license but stuck w/ trial features

    I just upgraded from trial to a paid license for GMS2. On my account online I see: "GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop 12 Jun 17 Permanent" Yet, even after repeatedly closing / logging-in to GMS2, I can't use "path_add()" "Use of path_add() is not allowed in Trial Version"
  19. P

    GMS 2 Collaboration possible with different export modules?

    Hello, I am a programmer by trade and I am about to buy the HTML5 version of GameMaker Studio 2. Starting my 1st GMS 2 project now (some experience with GMS 1.4) with a friend -. who happens to own a desktop license for GMS 2, but not a HTML5 license. Plan is to make a HTML 5 game. Can we...
  20. The-any-Key

    Legacy GM (SOLVED) Android license agreements problems

    EDIT: Found the problem. I had 2 SDK folders. One on my external drive and one on C. I updated the wrong one :) ORG POST: I goth this error when I try export to Android: * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':com.companyname.EATestAPK'. > You have not accepted the license...