1. M

    Error message upon creating executable

    Hi so I'm pretty new to Game Maker and I just finished one of the tutorials. I've been able to create an installer using the zip instead of making an executable. Whenever I try to create an installer I continue to get this message LicenseData: open failed...
  2. David Richard

    GMS1.4 Lixensed Export Modules cannot be downloaded and installed

    As the title says. I tried to enter my licenses in GMS1 but I get an error. I can only enter my Pro License number but it does not take any other licenses. A have a game or 2 to update but without the Android export module, I cannot do much. Is there a way to get other export modules to...
  3. C

     Which version should I buy for these platforms?

    Hi! I intend to purchase GameMaker Studio 2 to officially learn game development but I am having a hard time decided which one to get? There are 4 options in "developer" Desktop, Web, UMP and Mobile. I know that UMP and Mobile are not my main interest but I am not sure if I should get Desktop...
  4. N

    Legacy GM Can't enter the license key to activate GameMaker Pro

    Hey there! Im currently using a new laptop and downloaded legacy gamemaker (v. 1.4) on it. Link to where i downloaded it: I have the license key for Pro, but when i open gamemaker, it does not show the starting front page where you can type in the...
  5. zee86

    Impossible to redeem license keys

    So, I bought three licenses from Humble Bundle and when I try to redeem them it says invalid codes (from the Humble Bundle tab). Now the Redeem page says Server Error. So basically I can't do anything. Any tips?
  6. HPX

    UWP Is UWP License worth it with next gen so close?

    I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy the UWP license with the intent of eventually releasing games onto Xbox consoles? It's listed as being tied to the Xbox One Creators program, but with the Series X just a few months away, would I be forced to publish my game to an obsolete platform in 2-3+...
  7. zendraw

    Distribution License ownership and export

    So ive been working on multiple projects for people including my own projects, and some of these projects are meant for android, but i dont have android export and my question is is it fine, legal, for the people that i work with to export for android or do i need to have a license? in one of...
  8. Claspo Jones

    SOLVED Will I lose my license if I change my email?

    I (stupidly) bought the Desktop License on an account linked to a throwaway email that I nearly lost the password for multiple times, so I'm planning on changing the email linked to this account to my main email, but I'm scared I'll lose my license and have to pay another $110 just to keep using...
  9. zendraw

    license issue

    game maker doesnt accept my license, upper cases lower cases "-" no "-", nothing works. is there a problem or what?
  10. zendraw

    license on 2 devies

    Hey, so i have a laptop, game maker is on my PC, can i use my gms2 license on both my laptop and pc?
  11. GGJuanPabon

    UWP or DESKTOP licences? or....

    Sorry my English, it's not my native language. Hello friends, I wanted to ask ... I still don't have a license and I will buy my first license. My goal is, for now, to publish .exe for windows in:, Steam, Epic, direct or with some publisher. I also want to take my games to Xbox, for...
  12. D

    Mac OSX Your license does not have this module enabled

    Hi I wanted to give a try with gms2 and I installed the trial version on Mac Catalina with the mono framework and the last Xcode but I have always this message "Your license does not have this module enabled" when I try to run the game . Runtime is I tried to clean cache... log out...
  13. JugglyJuggle

    Legacy GM License Big BIG Trouble

    Hi everyone! :D Weird one here: I understand that I can't upload an Android APK to Google Play using GM14.9999. So here's the matter, I have a project I've been working on 2 years, and I want to upgrade to GMS2. Do I have to pay again for GMS2? And also buy the license once again? (Let me be...
  14. D

    Discussion Moving License from one machine to another.

    Hey guys. I bought a license for game maker studio 2 working on a mac. I am losing access to that mac, I will now have to start working on a pc. Does anyone know of a way to migrate the license I bought for the mac, so i can instead use on the PC?
  15. T

    Windows "Your GMS:2 trial has expired" when a permanent desktop license

    I was just using the program like 2-3 hours ago, but when I came back and logged in, I was met with this message.
  16. S

    Apple Developer Account Requirement For Creator License

    Quick question: Do I need to pay the subscription for the Apple Developer Membership to be able to build and test games using GMS2 Creator License? I'll be testing locally on Mac first, but a couple friends will help me on their machines soon after. Just trying to find out if $39 will turn into...
  17. G

    Asset - Project Selling Exclusive Rights To My Assets

    If anyone is interested I am selling exclusive rights to my assets I have six GameMaker: Studio assets that I want to permanently sell 1. Texas Hold'em - Poker Game 2. Hearts - Advanced Project 3. Blackjack HD 4. Blackjack Basic 5. HiLo - Card Game 6. Carousel Characters Selection I will...
  18. G

    How do i send people my game!?

    So, last time i was on this forum (and GameMaker itself for that matter...) I was using the trial version. Recently, in fact only a couple days ago, a got the $99 permanent license to Game Maker that says it allows me to publish my games to basically any PC system. However, i still can't seem to...
  19. XanthorXIII

    GMS 2 Use on Laptop apart from Desktop

    From the new terms, I noticed the line of use on a single computer. Does this mean I should not have an issue if I decide to install say on a laptop that I use while traveling? I'd like to get this clarified. I've not had any issue in the past doing so.
  20. M

    license for web?

    The price for the html or web licence is 150 $ for a year or for ever? Thanks.