1. S

    How to use a .lib file ?

    I've got a .lib file which I think is a static library together with a .h file that shows the functions in it and a .cpp file. So how do I use this .lib file to call functions from Gamemaker studio? Is it the same as defining and calling functions from a DLL ?
  2. S

    iOS Is the iOS Export Working for Anyone else?

    Whenever I try to export to my Mac, I'm getting the error: Renci.SshNet.Common.ScpException: scp: error: unexpected filename: at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.CheckReturnCode(Stream input) at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.Upload(DirectoryInfo directoryInfo, String path) at ..(String , String ...
  3. S

    GMS 2 I need tips in creating a GUI library.

    Hello there, I'm new to taking GMS2 seriously for game making and I want to make a Shmup/RPG, but I realized I need a good GUI system for what I have in mind and GML doesn't have gui functions to create buttons, scroll panes, radio buttons, etc., so I want to create a GUI system to do so or use...
  4. kraifpatrik

    GMS 2 CE: Collection of open-source GML libraries

    CE CE is a collection of open-source GML libraries for GameMaker Studio 2. Its target is to provide you with a strong codebase so you can focus on coding your games instead of their technical backgrounds. Previously it was released only as a single extension CE Core, which suffered from...
  5. S

    Asset - Scripts EZ Shader - Simplify working with Shaders

    Hi everyone, Here is my shader interface library: How does this help? When you use shaders in your game, you often want to be able to modify variables inside the shader. But in order to do this, you have to do a weird handshake to attach...
  6. jujubs

    Android Project with path ':library' could not be found in project

    In GMS1.4, I could previously deploy my project to Android without hassle. However, I found out that it wouldn't create the APK for it, even though I could deploy to the phone normally. So I printed my config and started fiddling with it, and now even the original configuration won't allow me to...
  7. 2

    Free Mono:UI - A GMS2 User Interface Library (v0.1.2)

    (Be aware: This project is still early in development.) (Not many features are currently available.) CURRENT VERSION: 0.1.2 DOWNLOAD LINK: zip - gz - bz2 MORE: Getting Started Wiki Issue Tracker Roadmap Mono:UI Mono:UI is a library for use with GameMaker Studio 2. It is meant to make...
  8. S

    Namespace and func library.

    Hello guys I am new in GML and need some help. Can i create scripts with same name for different objects. For example i want create script named "DoMove", but it must work different. Have GML something like namespace (c#) or package (Java). And second question. Can i create a big script like...
  9. J

    Android How to add Extension from Android Studio? *.so + library

    Hello, I am using Android Studio and have got an extension working there. Now I would like to use it in GM2 and call some simple functions How I do it in Android Studio: ===================== All I did was copy a lot of *.java files into the \app\src\main\java\com\xyz\ folder and droped my...
  10. Dani

    Linux Why Linux export doesn't include linked libraries?

    Hello! I'm using the latest GMS 2 version and runtime. When exporting to Linux (Ubuntu) YYC, the generated files don't include a "" script nor a "lib" folder containing all linked libraries (which are mandatory and necessary in order to run the game on any computer). Is there a reason why...
  11. kraifpatrik

    Question - IDE Custom DnD lib

    Hey everyone, just wanted to ask, if it is possible to make your own DnD library for GameMaker Studio 2 and then share it with others in some convenient way. Thanks, Patrik
  12. T

    Android import and use external java library?

    Hi, I want to use an external Library. I would place my libs under jniLibs directory if I was in the Android Studio project and the into the com folder.... But with Game Maker Studio 2? How to implement? Code usage would be: import* Inside the "com" folder I got all the...
  13. FrostyCat

    Beta GMSugar: Easy Constructor Scripts for GMS 1.x and 2.x

    GMSugar v0.0.2 The ultimate constructor utility collection, now in beta! Introduction GMSugar is an experimental library that provides an alternative syntactic sugar to replace GML's repetitive pattern of initializing arrays, data structures and other dynamically allocated types. With...
  14. C

    Mac OSX App On Steam Only Works For Me?

    Trying to get my macOS app (built with Game Maker 1.4) on Steam. I can compile and run it on my Mac. I can send it to friends and they can run it fine. When I enable Steam capabilities, it still runs fine on my machine, but if I upload it to Steam and others download it, the window just closes...
  15. Samuel Venable

    Discussion [SOLVED] Action Libraries

    Several years ago I discovered the GM7 action library maker could make action libraries that actually worked in GameMaker Studio 1.x. I was wondering, if I made a GMS 1.4 project that used custom action libraries made with GM7 action library maker, would the project break or not work right if I...
  16. N

    Asset - Objects NailBuster GUI Widget Library... now completely FREE!

    Greetings.... Wanted to thank the many people that have tried and supported my GUI Widget Library for GMS 1.4... I've decided to open-source the project and offer the complete library (pro version) asset for free for everyone.... Both the free and marketplace pro versions are now have the...
  17. D

    Android .so file as Dynamic Library

    Hi, I am trying to import .so (Shared/Dynamic Library) generated via android studio (native application, c++ in android studio). I want to make call to the C++ function(s) in Game Maker. I got this working on Windows. I mean if I am running the application in in Editor under Windows platfrom...
  18. C

    libpng library security vulnerability

    Hello My name is Constant from the Netherlands and I am using GameMaker Studio v1.4.1675 (r40508). I work on a Windows 7 pc 64-bit. I created an app and I choose "Create Application" for "Android". The .apk has been created correctly and the it works fine when I run it on my tablet or...
  19. T

    GMC Forums Does anyone have the Extension Maker or Library Maker?

    Hello everyone, as you know .. Extension Maker / Library Maker is no longer available for download. And I really need it .. can someone upload it? I would appreciate it very much. Please :(
  20. Yambam

    Asset - Scripts Rough JSON Parsing/Manipulation Library for GM 8.0

    Yambam's JSON Library (GM8 only, at this stage) My first "JSON library" for GM8 used object instances, which obviously slowed the game performance to a crawl. So behold... my (pretty much) extraordinary JSON library for GM8; be warned though, though it's based around the golden ratio constant...