1. S

    Save rooms created in in-game level editor

    Hi, I want to create a level editor for my game to make it easier for myself to create levels for my game and also allow other people creating new levels for them. But when I'm done creating my level in my self programmed editor, how do I save it? I saw that some people propose to use a diagramm...
  2. M

    Beta Super Mario Bros 3d Sidescroller World 1 Remake!

    Hey there thanks for checking this out! Any and all feedback is appreciated as it is far from finished! I'm currently almost done remaking world 1-1 from super mario bros in 3d and will only be doing the first 4 levels or the first levels from super mario bros 3 and super mario world. I am still...
  3. Gamal Shaalan

    Asset - Project TiledGML - Tiled Importer written in GML

    Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4722/tiledgml-gml-tiled-importer A map importer for the popular map editor Tiled, written entirely in GML. Import the tile maps you created in Tiled to a Game Maker Room, Add objects, backgrounds, views, …etc to the new room in Game Maker...
  4. G

    Level Menu Problems

    Hey I have a level menu and it keeps going to Level1_2 instead of Level1_1. Any Ideas on how to fix it? I am using creation code. Here is the step event for the obj_level_select switch(level){ case 0:{ if(global.LEVEL_UNLOCKED >= 1){ room_goto(Level1_1); }else show_message("LEVEL NOT...
  5. T

    Random generation

    I'm using default GM random functions to generate world (space), upon generation chunks are saved to the disk so it's the same when player visits the area again. But I would prefer seed based generation where user can input seed to generate world from. That might be also useful if I plan on...
  6. N

    level issue

    Help, level does not automatically change to next level im on level 1 and I have it set that if you stay running in game till 150 score then you move to level 2 I reached 150 and the level is still level 1. but the level 2 unlocks when i go to the level room which shows the lists of levels...
  7. N

    Legacy GM Enter The Gungeon Level Creation System

    Im making a game where I want the dungeons to be procedurally generated like Enter the Gungeon, but with destructible walls. I'm not really sure about how to go about this as I'm fairly new to Game Maker Studio, so if you could provide me with as much help as possible, that'd be fantastic. Thanks!
  8. BlueBurn

    Asset - Extension PushEd - 2D/3D Level editor (100% OFF - FREE)

    PushEd, or shorly just PEd, is the first 2D/3D level editor of it’s kind for GM: Studio. NOTE: Now, on the sunset of GMS1.4, we have decided to release it for free! Thanks everyone who bought PEd and supported the development. The new successor is already in developement it's called Push3d...