1. S

    Need Help With Level Design

    I'm trying to create a level where the player needs to collect an item from the room they're in before they can leave and continue to the next room but I'm not completely sure how to do that, any advice?
  2. R

    Background visible through solid sprites

    Hi all, This may be an obvious one for any of you pro's out there but for some reason my level looks transparent and the background can be seen through it. Even stranger is this only happens sometimes. I have have about 10 layers for game objects and game functions and then 7 background layers...
  3. J

    Creating a World Map Similar to Shovel Knight or SMB3

    Hello, I am starting a new video game similar to SMBs, and I was wondering what the best way to set up a level selection world where you can move from each level like a little map? I can get a character to jump to the next selection, but I would like it to look like it is walking over there. I...
  4. kureoni

    room unlock

    I want to make sure that the player can only go to the next room if he killed all the obj_monsters instances of in the previous room the only way to do that is through global variables and etc? can someone show me how? (if I do that, my game is basically finished) (situation: i have some...
  5. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Corner Collision Causing Incorrect X and Y Values?

    Hey All! I'm currently working on a recreation of the popular platformer "VVVVVV" and started using the view system in GameMaker to make small, 640x480 levels in my project. These levels are all contained within one room, and when the player walks far enough out of one view it switches to...
  6. R

    Windows Levels and map

    Hello i'm trying to create levels and a map but i don't know how to do.. i made the background, a map looking like mario bros's one, but i'd like to change the room when a level is selected on the map. Can someone help me pls?
  7. M

    Changing Tilesets

    Hello, I have a question regarding tilesets. I am currently trying to make a 2D platformer and I'm using tilesets for non moving things like platforms or obstacles. My intention was to have one tileset for all my platforms, one tileset for all my obstacles, so I can easily design my levels later...
  8. V

    GMS 2 When game restarts, my procedurally generated level (based on a consistent seed number) generates di

    First post here since the good ol' days of GMC. It's good to be back, and my my, has GM come along way! :) I have set my seed for the main level of my game to be a constant number, in the hopes that this level will generate exactly the same every time. However this isn't the case. I've read...
  9. J

    GMS 2 Saving Character progression between rooms [SOLVED]

    I am current a few days into making my first project. I have set up a basic top down rpg where the character can lv up increasing stats. I am coming to adding my second room. How do I save the character progress between rooms. at the moment when I go to the next room it resets the character back...
  10. M

    Windows Forgive me Senpai, How to check players level?

    Please tell me if I'm breaking any rules for posting. I made an attack button and when I click it, it will check what the players level is first. Then it will pick from a range of numbers and then use that number as the attack to the enemy. The error says unexpected symbol ")". The one after the...
  11. M

    Level system stops at level 6 [Solved sort of]

    Hi I have a little game here with a level system where you level up by shooting enemies and with each level the enemies spawn faster and the max enemies becomes more. But at level 6 the enemies stop spawning for some reason. I hope someone can tell me how to fix this. The object I use to level...
  12. H

    Legacy GM How to make a progressive level unlock / select system

    Hello! I'm trying to make a progressive level unlock (and level select) system in my game. There are over 30 levels in the game right now, but every single one is unlocked on the level select screen when you start the game. I would like to only have level 1 unlocked at the start, and that you...
  13. H

    Legacy GM Creating a level based timer system that saves best time

    Hello everyone! I am currently making my own level based 2D puzzle platforming game, and it's shaping up really well. Right now I'm trying to get a "level based timer system" to work, however I'm having some trouble understanding how I would do that. Let me explain how I need it to work; "There...
  14. W

    Legacy GM How do I collect an item only once

    I'm having some trouble trying to collect an item only once in a level. I want to have an item to be collected once so if the player tries to replay the level again the item won't be there unless it was not collected before. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. J

    How would you manage the level design of this game?

    Hi guys! So, the player is a cursor who has to get to the other side of the level keeping moving over the white surfaces, and avoiding one single pixel to touch the background. I'm currently writing the GDD of the game, and now it's time to define all the surfaces kinds and variation as well as...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Spawning 5 different bosses every 10 lvls

    okay so basically I have 5 bosses. My game has an unlimited number of levels where enemies increase in difficulty. what I'm looking for is: Boss 1 spawns at lvl 10 60 110 160 etc Boss 2 spawns at lvl 20 70 120 170 etc Boss 3 spawns at lvl 30 80 130 180 Boss 4 spawns at lvl 40 190 140 190 etc...
  17. S

    Creating "Blueprint" for rooms

    I'm working on a game, where the level gets randomly generated out of little room tpyes like cooridors, normal rooms, staircases, etc. These are all in one gamemaker room. My level generation works so far, but at the moment I just use one sprite for each room, just to see if the level...
  18. S

    Random level generation

    I'm trying to create a level generation, where my room is split up into mulitple cells (for example a 6x6 grid). Every cell represent a room, that can have an exit in all four directions (up,down,left,right). First of all I want to create a garuanteed way through the level. For this I pick a...
  19. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q: Set Random level generation with rooms?

    Hello, not long ago there was a video (of pixelated pope if i remember correctly) in which he talks abouthow to make a random generation system with set rooms, from which you select one at random, copy its contents, and create them in the current room. does any1 know that video or what...
  20. V

    Restart the game and return to the last chapter

    Hi! my games is split in chapters (rooms linked together that you can explore). all the rooms are persistent and chapters starts with a room that read ''chapter x'' for 3 sec and then the chapter start. here's what I can't do: i would like that when you lose, you restart the chapter. but since...