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    Idea Thinking of making a game that combines Panzer General, Fire Emblem and Into the Rift

    So this game is a homage and inspired by the various games above -Art style and Battle Gameplay is similar to Panzer General and Fire Emblem/Advance Wars -Historical Campaigns and Special Missions featuring historical and alt-history events (WW2, Operation Sea Lion, Mongols, Romans, Vietnam...
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    Suggestions for leveling up/incrementing enemy behavior.

    Hello all! Just wondering if anyone can provide a simple way to increase enemy behavior variables, as levels increase, to make them more difficult to defeat; as in speed, different more dangerous attacks, enabling special moves, etc. I'm currently working on a shooter, like Demon Attack, or...
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    GMS 2 How do I make this level/exp system work

    Ok so I think most of this is fine as is but I don't know how to make it so that when Cexp reaches or surpasses lvlup it tracks the next part of the array I also want to make it so that when the character levels up Cexp reduces it's current number down to the remainder after subtracting lvlup...

    Legacy GM heya can anyone help solve this issue?

    so I want to make my level bar( details down below ) Invisible in certain room but no luck with depth or anything of the sorts. here is the code ( PLAYER, collide event ) /// collect exp with (other) {instance_destroy();} with (obj_player_stats) { expr += 1; /// Level Up Code if (expr >=...