level generator

  1. KamilSeven

    Design Text Based Level Generation (Downwell, Spelunky)

    Hi everyone! In this video I linked, Ojiro Fumoto talking about a text-based random level generation and I was wondering if there are any sources to learn this technique in specific. Any article, tutorial, or contribution to the topic would be really helpful. 33:54 Fumoto starts to talk on the...
  2. I

    GMS 2 Copy instances from another room

    Good day, Im trying to make an endless level generator for my shooting platform game and I just dont know how can I do it, or how to do it corectly without thousands useless lines of code. The idea is, that I want the player to start the game and as the camera will keep going left, the player...
  3. G

    GML Make a Spelunky Level Generator in Gamemaker!

    Make A Spelunky Level Generator GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: NA Links:NA Summary: Hey guys, I have just released a series of 5 videos showing you how to build a spelunky like level generator in GM. I am adding more on to these videos in the next few days just...