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level editor

  1. Zerb Games

    (opensource) Zerb Games Level Edit!

    Zerb Games Level Edit! Hey guys, I know the title says opensource, but it's not yet because I need your guys input still. Basically I am making a level editor, and I want to make it the best, and easiest tool to use. My ultimate goal is to release it on my website for free, and the marketplace...
  2. IGameArt

    Asset - Project GM WadLoader

    EARLY ACCESS WARNING: This product is still in development. By purchasing this asset you agree to support the further development of an asset that, in it's current state, is buggy, unoptimized, and feature incomplete. GM WadLoader is everything that you need to start developing 3d games using...
  3. amusudan

    Design Level design..?

    My level editor for my game is nearing completion and I am just about ready to start making a few levels for a demo, but here's the thing: I've never really done any level design before and I am scared that I'll screw it up very, very badly! Does anybody here have any experience in designing...
  4. MMM

    Released Ever Growing finally released!

    Only one month until full "Ever Growing" game release. And the demo is out for two months now. So it's the right time to look at the main differences between the demo and full version of the game. 1. Building assets Many new objects are added in the level editor since demo version (floors...