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level editor

  1. Meowanator

    GML Upload and Download Ini Files?

    My game has a level maker that saves as an ini file. I was wondering if it would be possible to be able to upload the file to a server and then be able to download it within game, similar to Super Mario Maker. I'm using GMS 1.4.9999 and I have no experience with things like this. It's okay if...
  2. kraifpatrik

    Push3d - 3D level editor & game engine for GMS2

    Push3d 3D level editor & game engine for GameMaker Studio 2 Latest screenshot About Push3d Push3d (read as "pushed") is a reincarnation of PushEd, a 2D/3D level editor for GMS1, which was first released by our team BlueBurn in 2014 as a paid extension and then for free in 2018 at GM's...
  3. S

    Alpha A grander level editor

    Hello everyone, With a lull in my schedule for the moment, I've started to make a grander editor. I have made quite a lot of in game level editors in the past, but this isn't about them. Instead this is a new level editor that will most likely be used by a lot of people in the future. THE...
  4. Mortalo

    Windows Box Kid Adventures

    Box Kid Adventures is a dynamic, top-down puzzle game. You play as Box Kid – a toy made of cardboard – going through various levels, full of nasty enemies and brain challenging puzzles. Website: http://boxkidadventures.com STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1217870/Box_Kid_Adventures/...
  5. RyanC

    GMS 2 Solution for coding and hosting user generated levels

    Hi All, Does anyone know the easiest way to set up a solution for hosting users levels so they can download, play, and rate each others levels. My game currently exports user generated levels as a string so the solution only needs to be able to store these strings. I was hoping to use...
  6. Zack

    GMS 2 Designing Levels in Notepad (video & text versions)

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: zackbanack.com Links: Video Link Summary: GameMaker Studio 2 comes with an advanced room editor. But, sometimes you might want to design puzzle, maze, or roguelike levels in something a bit more simple. I showcase how - and why - to...
  7. RobotoSkunk

    GMS 2 [Solved] Encoding a JSON file for a level editor

    Hello, I tried to encode a JSON file using md5, sha1 and base64 ... the encryption of the file responds perfectly but the decrypted does not respond at all and I wanted to ask for help with this (although no one will answer me) because I tried in many different ways to be able to make this work...
  8. B

    Steam Mario Maker meets Meat Boy - 2D platformer tool looking for alpha players

    Hello all fellow GMs! During August and September we're looking for players who like to help test DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes and content creators who like to stream new and original content. DASH is slowly coming out of the alpha stage and we're looking forward to Early Access later this...
  9. O.Stogden

    Windows The Tower Defense Factory [FREE RELEASE]

    Hello everyone, This is the first time I've properly released a game, it came out a couple of years ago, and has had some revisions since then, I've decided to show it on here to hopefully get some feedback on it while I work on my second game. Title: The Tower Defense Factory Platform...
  10. Felipe Rybakovas

    Legacy GM technics for handcraft isometric levels (SOLVED)

    Hey Guys! I'm here to get new ideas on how can I achieve this... Currently I already tried some cases like: Tiled Alone. Not even close to possible. Used the TiledToBinary from @Mick. (This one kinda works good, but it's hard to get it configured at first... And maybe I'll hit one case...
  11. JDizzle383

    GMS 2 Isometric level editor[SOLVED]

    So I have been trying to figure out a method of creating a "depth detection" system for a level editor. What I mean is I need something like this: from these images: As it is my first time with isometric tiles and I don't know how to deal with depth based on what already exists in the...
  12. Joe Ellis

    Windows Warp3D - Game Engine, Level Editor & Model Editor - Free Exe Demo Out Now

    Warp3D is an extension\engine for gamemaker with a realtime level editor, model editor and rendering system. Features: Easy to use level editor with full control over each instance's variables and rendering properties. Model editor with a wide range of functions Skeletal animation system and...
  13. D

    Job Offer - General looking for game/level designer

    I'm building 2 games at the moment, I'm attaching gifs so you guys can see how it's looking like. Half of the graphic assets from the gif will change, the other half are actual in-game graphics already. One game is like Army of Darkness / Bravium. Player moves left -> right and enemies...
  14. Hello

    Windows Shroom Editor

    The Shroom Project meets Mario Editor! The resistance is back, and this time, you get to create their adventures! Build your own levels with guns and blood with this easy to use level editor! Trailer Screenshots Download Game Want to share your level with others? Want to try out...
  15. Meowanator

    Alpha CastleMaker: Alpha 4.0

    Castlevania Maker is a level editor based on the NES title, Castlevania. DOWNLOAD: https://meowanator.itch.io/castle-maker Features: - Many placeable blocks and decorations. - Improved physics from Castlevania, yet still based on the original. - 64 tile wide levels Version History: A 1.0...
  16. S

    Windows OctorSpace [shooter & level editor] : Modified Larger Explosions

    Nine months ago I made OctorSpace. At the time I considered it done as that was all the time I had. Over the past nine months I've found time to work on it here and there. http://store.steampowered.com/app/705000/OctorSpace/ After astro surfing, you have come across a marching band of octopi...
  17. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM Level / Map Editor - Saving and Loading

    Hello! I have built a simple level editor as its own separate executable. How can I save what I have made in this level editor and load in into a different game maker game, and also have it be playable? Sorry if that was a bit confusing, but any help is appreciated. I would prefer code rather...
  18. F

    GMS 2 How do I make a realtime level editor?

    basically I need a level editor active while an Ai character interacts with the level while it's being edited.
  19. R

    In game exporters?

    Hey, everyone! I'd like to know how to make an in-game exporter. What I mean is basically a level editor with the ability to export the level as an EXE file or console application files. Is this possible? Any help would be much appreciated! Have a great day and adios! :D
  20. P

    Windows How to split big level

    Hi guys, I need a really good strategy for my first stage of prototyping. My level is huge, has many locations. Because it's slow-paced adventure game, player will go from location to location in classic point and click adventure fashion: player click to open the door -> screen goes black ->...