1. B

    Is it okay to make a game maker in game maker ?

    I tried to develop a game creation program in Game Maker Studio. I heard that there could be legal consequences for that from my friend so I stopped developing it. I was wondering whether anyone could shine light on that for me. If I where to release it for free for example would that still be bad ?
  2. Bearman_18

    This Seems Important (GAAS related)

    Yo! Been a while since I started a thread. I saw this video, and decided that it was most definitely worth sharing. I recommend watching it until the end. Heck, if you've seen more than five movies, you've spent twice the length of this video on something much lamer, probably.
  3. KPJ

    Weapon names?

    Hi everyone! I am making a game with a lot of guns it it, and I have a questions about their names. I see many games such as Hotline Miami using the real names of the guns in the game, however I also see many articles about how it is illegal to use real gun names in your game. I am confused and...
  4. V

    Is This Legal To Sell?

    Hello All! I'm Val, a new community member as of today! I'm hoping to get some clarification from you GMC regulars on an issue I've been thinking about! I'm following along with some great tutorials from Friendly Cosmonaut (The Farming RPG Tutorial) and I am wondering if there are any...
  5. Null-Z

    getting copyright or some form of Legal protection?

    I am getting close to releasing my first game, and while I have no worry of this, I've been pestered by close individuals who insist I get some form of copyright on my product before some whoohaa steals it.(a game from a completely new developer as if someone is specifically waiting to steal...
  6. Kezarus

    Distribution Creative Commons 3.0

    Ooook, this may sound stupid or obvious to some, but here I go: What is the correct way to use the CC 3.0 license? Should one simply post a link of the original site? Should the names of creators go along or not? Should I put any "license text kind" of thing in the credits or other parts too...
  7. jobjorgos

    Would it be legal to ban someone in my paid game so he has to start over?

    Hello, Im making a 2d top-down online RPG which is free to play, but at some point the user has to pay to make serious progress through the game. Now I wonder, in case one player is hacking in the game, and I ban him from the game that he paid for, that I could get any juridical problems...
  8. jf_knight

    Design Recreating music legal?

    Fellas, it is illegal to recreate a 40 year old song in a DAW(Like FL studio or Abelton) and use it in a commercial project? It's just the instrumental, of course.
  9. Nahual

    Distribution Pirating indiegames!

    Hello everyone! I know a lot of us worry about working hard and spending years after years developing our indie games and finally be able to release it either on steam or other platforms via the internet. But again, does anybody really know how to protect their games from being pirated? I've...
  10. Cpaz

    Game developers, youtubers, and the law.

    Preface/Objective bit: In light of recent events, I feel it's apropriate to spark discussion on this topic. Notably the disturbingly vast number of people praising Campo Santo filing DMCA takedowns of Pewdiepies videos on Firewatch following his recent "comments." Subjective bit: (Unrelated to...
  11. B

    Is it legal to remake a game made by someone else on a different platform and give it the same name?

    I want to make a remake of a flash game I played in my childhood. The game is not yet available for mobile platforms. Is it legal to give it the original name or should I change the name?
  12. RyanC

    When To Trademark Your Game?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to start a discussion about trademarking, and when we should look to trademark the game's name if we don't want to run into problems later down the line, such as another company potentially trademarking your game's name when you've already setup domains names and done all...
  13. zendraw

    Distribution Chess figures?

    Hi, so i was wondering is there any legal issue if i decide to use the original chess moves and figures in a game that im planning to sell?
  14. JML

    How to protect your work from theft

    Greetings everyone, i would like to start up a thread so that everyone can discuss the legal ramifications of protecting your work once it has been released onto the public market, hopefully this will be a collaborative effort to try to create a general tutorial explaining what you need to do...