1. G

    SOLVED Drawing 3D Things Over Everything In Legacy

    I wanted to make some d3d drawing operations over any other 3d draws. I want an effect like ESP or something like 'hunter vision' in video games. I've played with depths, d3d_set_depth() and d3d_set_zwriteenable() yet any of them gave the results I wanted. What should I do? Kind of effect I wanted:
  2. F

    Anyone have a side-on 2d platformer Car Example (for GM8.0 or pre)

    Does anyone please have a side-on (platformer) example which uses a car? .gmk or .gm6 for Game Maker 8.0 or before. Thanks.
  3. N

    Legacy GM Can't enter the license key to activate GameMaker Pro

    Hey there! Im currently using a new laptop and downloaded legacy gamemaker (v. 1.4) on it. Link to where i downloaded it: https://accounts.yoyogames.com/downloads I have the license key for Pro, but when i open gamemaker, it does not show the starting front page where you can type in the...
  4. X

    About Google Play For Legacy

    Hi everyone. I saw a warning like this. So as i understand we can't put our games to the google play store which is made by using gms 1.4? I am so warried about it. I have only gms 1.4. Please make clear this for me.
  5. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Icon movement

    Hello, I'm creating a survival game and I have a crafting system, but when I move with the inventory open the crafting image has a delay or something (See images, I cant upload a video so the three images are taken one after the other and the images where taken when I was walking to the left)...
  6. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL Legacy GMC Archive Is Being Deleted

    Hello everyone! As we gear up for the new Sequences Update to GameMaker Studio 2, we have decided that the legacy GMC forum archive (here) is going to be deleted. It was useful for a time when Studio 1.4 was around and at the start of the lifetime of Studio 2, but it's losing relevance rapidly...
  7. B

    Gamemaker IOS port not working with new computer

    Hello! I just got a new Mac and tried downloading my game with the iOS export. The Mac connects under the "Preferences" menu (showing a "Connection OK" message), but when I go to download the game, neither XCode nor the plugged in phone seem to react, even when it works on my old Mac. I have...
  8. Y

    Discussion There's a way that I can get an license (free or not) of older GM version (nor GMS2)

    well I wanted to use make and distribute games with older versions of GMS because I couldn't get an older version from GMS when I could and upgrading to GMS2 by force is uncomfortable and sometime's discusting
  9. T

    does game maker 8 pro still exist?

    Hey, I've been working on a game for a couple of years on and off now, and I'm getting to the point where I'm feeling ready to publish, but when I looked into the option to upgrade to GM8 pro it just didn't seem to exist. Is there a way I can still get it legally? And if not, can I transfer my...
  10. W

    [Solved] Help creating a rotation system from an old game?

    Hello, There is an old game, Madness Interactive I'm looking for some help on recreating the hand rotation within this game Here is a gameplay video of the game I found So yes I am looking for a way to recreate the hand rotation system it has, if it is possible. Looking if it's...
  11. L

    Optimizing performance with sound

    I want to conserve as much memory as possible for optimal performance as the game has a lot of resources. The information provided for gm sound is quite vague too so I'm full of questions and unsure how to approach thing's. If a sound is loaded into the exe (preloaded or not) does it stay in...
  12. L

    Using local variables for external audio- is this efficient?

    As far as I'm aware using external sounds leads to better performance. Therefore my project so far relies exclusively on loading external sound. The project uses around 150 so far so assigning an instance variable to every sound seems a little silly. Therefore much of the sound code looks...
  13. F

    Tutorial: Making older gamepads work in GameMaker

    Hey guys, I recently got an NES-style gamepad for a work-related project. It doesn't work on the new gamepad functions, but the old joystick commands will make it behave. I wanted to share for future reference. Those joystick inputs seem a little more limited, but are working! Here's the...