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  1. Pelican Police

    HTML5 Shaders in Legacy Game maker and HTML5

    Compiled alongside each other for comparison. As you can see, the vignette is not present in HTML5. Did shaders not work in HTML5 exported from 1.4 or am I doing something wrong? Are there any quirks I should know?
  2. I

    Multiple collisions

    Hi, I have many issues with checking collisions on game maker, I've read the documentation, but the functions are confusing and I don't think anyone fits. I want to know how many red objects the player is colliding. The idea would be that if the player is colliding one then that one handles...
  3. Jam373

    SOLVED Surface Masking to create blood splatter on background

    I'm trying to have my blood particle effects paint the background red as they fly across it. I think I've learnt 90% of what I need to do with this great tutorial: http://www.davetech.co.uk/gamemakermasking The problem is that with his example he changes the mask every step (to be a circle...
  4. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Icon movement

    Hello, I'm creating a survival game and I have a crafting system, but when I move with the inventory open the crafting image has a delay or something (See images, I cant upload a video so the three images are taken one after the other and the images where taken when I was walking to the left)...
  5. Le_Beholder

    Saving/loading? GM[8.0]

    Anyone have some tips on how I could setup a save/loading system? I know it involves several functions to write my desired variables down into ini files.. but as far as implementation goes.. Step events? For loops? Is it something like: If select = true { case "Save": ini_write_file(variable?)...
  6. Le_Beholder

    quick questione~

    not sure if this belongs in programming forums, but anyhow. anyone know the GameMaker 8.0 equivalent for the Studio function ++ , -- , == ? I Think ++ can be retro translated back to v += 1 or something.. anyone know?
  7. Le_Beholder

    SOLVED Help with Zelda Style puzzle blocks...

    Hello mercenary person(s); I have money* and a problem. (*32 monopoly bucks) I am trying to create puzzle blocks in my game that can be pushed by the player, and only move 16 blocks smoothly at a time. so far I've managed how to get it to move, and control what direction, what I don't know is...
  8. Le_Beholder

    better way to setup signs and npc text

    Hello, I need some help finding a way to store and access scripts for messages. I have already figured out how to draw messages, how to use sprites for letters in the text, almost everything. the system I'm using right now works, but I realize is very inefficient. I have the signpost object...
  9. Arlan64

    want to create ice physics w/ friction in a 2d platformer (GM8.1)

    Hello guys! I'm stuck with some complexes codes (bc i'm a noob but nvm) when I try to put friction physics to create an awesome ice block for place it on my rooms. I search to set the friction at 0.4 at begin of the hsp movement, and to set the friction at -0,4 at end of the hsp movement I'll...
  10. S

    sound_volume doesn't work with value.

    Hello! I have a problem with sound_volume in GM8.1 I have an objet that, when created, checks the value of the current event and gets the corresponding bgm in his variable "MyMusic" then plays it with sound_loop(MyMusic); Afterward, I want to adjust the volume depending of another variable...
  11. S

    [GM8.1] Translating a score into sprites

    Okay so I tried my hands on the "draw" event because I wanted a score to show up but wasn't a fan of just having it in black arial so I wanted to have custom sprites to display the score instead! However, what I through was a normal task is more complicated than I thought! I hardly can find...
  12. N

    [solved] Steam achievement for running an Android game does not unlock

    I realise I'll probably come across as an idiot for asking about this, but there's been an issue recently for some reason where one of the actual achievements for GM1.4 on Steam doesn't unlock. I've set up paths for both the Android SDK and NDK and have managed to run a blank game on several...
  13. S

    Mac OSX Game Maker Studio 8 DMG File?

    I was hoping that I would be able to get access to the Game Maker Studio 8 dmg file for Mac OSX. Thanks, Shean
  14. S

    GML Move character on Rhythm with BPM

    Okay so, my new project is planned to have a rhythm-game, here's how I want it to work: My character's sprite goes forward automatically and has an hitbox of 1 pixel of width. Every 25 pixels, there's another sprite placed and when the two sprites collide, it does an cowbell sound. I want my...
  15. ScimitarDD

    Demo Sm4R [Crazy Sidescroller RPG]

    Hello! So this is my first game I'm going to publish. I started this project on February 2016. It's my 9th sidescroller RPG (the first one from which I think the quality is good enough that I can actually publish it soon). My older projects started 2008, so this is the result of 10 years of...