1. White_Fox

    Grabbing ledge with tilebased collisions

    Hello everyone, i'm following a course on Udemy on creating a tilebased platformer. For my personal project, i'm trying to create a tilebased platformer with a parkour"ish" vibe. I've manage to add a "grab ledge" state and it's working well on some aspects, but i'm not 100% satisfied on how it...
  2. tagwolf

    True Perfect Platformer Controls (input buffer, air control, diagonal collision, etc)

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: NA Summary: I've noticed pretty much no platformer tutorials account for tweaking control feel, input buffering, air control, etc. So I'm tossing it here hoping it will be of help to someone. Features: * Move...
  3. Sargonnas

    Ledge Climbing

    Struggled with this long and hard. My programming level is novice as I'm sure you'll see here. *I have oWalls (32 x 32 objects) which correctly stop movement in all directions, taken almost directly from a tutorial. *I have a toe point and a reach point which correctly determine if there is an...
  4. Deadly Serious Media

    GML Help needed: Custom Collision and Walking of Ledges [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone, We are still new to GameMaker and have only released one game featuring simple rectangular collisions for player and platforms. We are working on a new game though that needs some different collision shapes. I'm sure a solution to this has to be somewhere but, after spending most...
  5. K

    [SOLVED]Help with hitboxes?

    I have a problem with hitboxes and such, but it's hard to explain so I'll let this badly described image speak for itself: So basically, the problem is that when you are on that "ledge" it's okay to break the bushes and read the sign, but when you are off the ledge, I want to prevent that from...
  6. T

    Legacy GM How would I script a ledge animation?

    In my game, I have an animation prepared that I want to have played when the character is on the edge of a ledge, but only if the drop is larger than a specific amount. Very similar to how Sonic plays this animation when he's near a ledge, but in my case, I don't want it to play when I have...