1. toothmosnter

    GML (Duplicate Thread) State machine state change is storing key_press boolean and influencing movement

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I'm not sure if my thread got deleted or not due to the gifs of my game I included in it (external links). Essentially, I have a state machine that changes from playerStateFree (free movement) to playerStateHide (stationary). Whenever I press any movement...
  2. C

    GMS 2 Will this cause a memory leak?

    Hi Guys, Help me clear something up, I am using a script to find the nearest object, However I noticed when called it does a DS_grid_create. now usually this may not cause an Issue but im calling the thing ALOT! I take it that this thing firing off every frame is NOT good!? its not major...
  3. R

    http_request causes memory leak ( probably my fault )

    I'm using http_request for account logins from GMS2 and http_get to poll my SQL database for character locations, equipped items, etc. The database gets http_get'ed every alarm[0] = 30 ( twice a second ). I've adjusted this to once per second but noticed that my RAM gets utterly pummeled this...
  4. alexde5th

    Legacy GM Surface leak error [solved]

    Figured out the issue: There was an improper balance of alpha drawing. For the longest time, the basic surface I've been drawing too worked without a hitch. Then suddenly, after I changed some completely unrelated code to the surface code, it breaks. It only properly displays when a specific...
  5. Silversea

    Legacy GM string_insert causing memory leaks in GMS?

    My game was experiencing a memory leak recently and by removing all other objects and code, I've narrowed the problem down to this: //Draw Event //draw nmbv with 3 digits, adding 0 to front if number < 100 sbno = nmbv; repeat(2) { if string_length(string(sbno)) < 3 sbno =...
  6. Chreech Okash

    Memory consumption on collisions!

    Is it normal that game maker consume memory on first time collision execution for each image? For example I have a sprite with certain number of images and with separate collision masks option ticked. Now when i run the project it stores the collision masks of all the images in the memory let's...
  7. P

    Problem with Memory Leak while DRAW EVENT / HUDS

    So basically I have a memory leak, 20% + when drawing my HUDS. Just a simple code in DRAW EVENT: draw_set_color(c_white); draw_set_font(1); draw_sprite(healthbar2, PlayerWorld.hp, view_xview[0] +50, view_yview[0]+30); However, when I run game I am averaging about 20% + memory used. Any...
  8. Drenathor

    Question - IDE Memory Issues?

    My project folder is currently at 12.2 MB of data for a new game idea I'm tinkering with / using to learn Studio 2. When I first launch Studio 2 I'm noticing that it only consumes about 150MB of memory. Opening my project bumps it up to around 193 MB. So imagine my surprise when I was trying...
  9. S

    Garbage collection / data flushing / mem leak issues

    Aloha snackbar, fellow GManiacs. I've got a few questions about carbage collection and data flushing. I am aware that user-made data structures must be deleted manually, which I am currently doing, but I'm facing some problems. We've made a procedural generation that generates creates new rooms...
  10. L

    memory leak in function room_goto()

    hello, help please. i'm having troubles with the change of rooms and i have a memory leak every time that i do. in my test, i go through the rooms when i release the key A. i'm trying with this simple code and i can't find why the memory leak. ////CONTROL OBJ //create event cro=0; //room...
  11. D

    Legacy GM How to keep track of memory using the debugger? (To indentify memory leaks)

    Hello! Is there some way of using the debugger to keep track of memory? I would need some way to catch memory leaks when using data sctructures or the 3D audio engine, changing or restarting rooms, etc. Thanks! Dani
  12. T

    Memory leak (ds_grid, ds_list)

    // Create chunk grid global.chunk_grid = ds_grid_create(global.grid_width, global.grid_height); ds_grid_clear(global.chunk_grid, noone); // Create loader grid global.loader_list = ds_list_create(); ds_list_clear(global.loader_list); // Destroy ds_grid and ds_list...
  13. Andrey

    Memory leak when loading/unloading Audio Groups

    Hello everybody! I want to ask. I have a strong memory leak when unloading and re-loading the audio group (for example, when you restart the level). Now I do not unload audio group, so as not to crash the game. I wrote earlier in the bug-report, something my request went deep in the bottom, and...
  14. A

    GameMaker out of memory

    I have been working on this game for sometime now and after implementing blood and gore i get an out of memory error message when i go to my main room in my game that i implemented blood and gore on. I do not want to get rid of the blood system. I have about 13 sprites and 13 objects and 2...