1. E

    Steam_upload_score only updates once

    Hi I think someone else had a previous problem with this a few years ago, but don't think it got resolved. I have got it so at the end of my game the overall score is uploaded to a steam leaderboard; but like it says above it only does it for the first time round. I have got a visual cue so I...
  2. K

    Asset - Extension Cloud services using Gamdato API(Online Leaderboards, Cloud saving, Achievements & more)(FREE)

    Download: DOWNLOAD FOR GMS2.3+ Gamedato offers a set of cloud services for game maker developers, this asset includes different scripts to send and recive data from an API. You can manage all the offered services using a friendly web portal. Create an account on gamdato.com and see all the...
  3. JapanGamer29

    Steam Need a Steam API call that counts total leaderboard entries

    Hi. The Steam API has the following function: int GetLeaderboardEntryCount( SteamLeaderboard_t hSteamLeaderboard ); ( https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/api/ISteamUserStats#GetLeaderboardEntryCount ) But there doesn't appear to be an equivalent API call in GameMaker. I'd like to be able to...
  4. S

    How to get player's leaderboard position

    Hi, I have google play leaderboard, and I want to get player's position in that leaderboard to give rewards! Any Ideas how to do that? Ty
  5. Christopher A. Orestis

    Android Leaderboard Tutorial Search. (Google Play Services) Discussion/Support

    Me and several other developers from other community's have been asking the same questions for years, "how to implement a online leader board". On game makers site, there is very little documentation on how to do this. I viewed the documentation that was provided, but it did not get me very far...
  6. V

    Asset - Scripts Online Leaderboard

    ONLINE LEADERBOARD https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/647/online-leaderboard With this fantastic example you can create a personalized online leaderboard! Extensions are not necessary. Everything is created by GML. This example allows you to: - Create a custom online ranking - Send /...
  7. T

    GMS 2 Can not login to leaderboard

    Hi, it is driving me crazy and I did try several tutorial on this topic. I always get "not logged in". In my Object on touch: if os_type == os_android { achievement_login(); } In its Async-Social: var ident = ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id"); if ident == achievement_our_info...
  8. N

    [SOLVED]Http asynchronous event to display data from a json file

    Hi!, I'm pretty new to http requests. Please I need help understanding what goes into the http asynchronous event when I went to retrieve the information from a JSON file and show players when they click on the leaderboard button. I am using dreamloo for my leaderboards I check if the...
  9. N

    Game Play Services Error

    Hello, I have kind of a complicated problem. I have this error 'Game is having trouble with Google Play Services. If the problem persists, please contact the developer for further assistance' I checked debug mode, it said something about Account- Change- Wrong OAUTH -code
  10. P

    Legacy GM Creating local leaderboards

    Well, I use Steam leaderboars in my game to upload high scores of the players, but I would like to show these leaderboards inside the game. In this way, players do not have to exit the game to check in what rank they are after beating a record. However, I read Steam API Documentation, and tried...
  11. RyanC

    Legacy GM Drawing players names in a level, using achievement_load_leader_board()

    Hi All, I want to use the leader board data from Google to draw users friends names and profile pics where their friends got to in my game. I'm planning on using the achievement_load_leader_board() function but am wondering why the achievement_get_pic(global.playerid); says it's for iOS only...
  12. P

    Testing highscores on ios Game Centre

    Hi all, [I think] I've set up my dev.apple account, my iTunes connect account and my game so that highscores post highscore on game end and get on game load but it isn't showing in game of in itunes connect stats. the game isn't set to live, the leaderboard in itunes connect isn't live either...
  13. sercan

    Android Facebook login and leaderboards.

    Hi, I see in many games that you can login with your facebook account and see what score your facebook friends have. And in some of them if you are just on your friends high score point in game, a sign is appearing with your friends' profile picture that shows you are just beating it. How can...
  14. S

    iOS Achievements & Leaderboard for iOs

    Hi, I have created achievements and a leaderboard. the Achievements works fine like this: if achievement_available() achievement_post("grp.XXX.XXX", 100); but the leaderboard is just displaying the name without the score. I used this code to post the score: if achievement_available()...
  15. S

    Android achievement_load_leaderboard

    Hi all I want to show a specific Google Leaderboard and found this info: https://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/social%20gaming/achievements%20and%20leaderboards/achievement_load_leaderboard.html but I'm not sure how to show the loaded leaderboard...
  16. S

    Android Google Playservices, show specific Leaderboard

    Hi I just implemented a Leaderbord on an android game. It is working, but shows first like an overview of Leaderboards instead the specific Leaderboard with the ID I provided in the code (create event of a persistant object): achievement_load_leaderboard("CgkI_7Kt__gXXXXXX", 1, 100...
  17. G

    HTML5 GMS2: Are leaderboards possible for web based games?

    I'm currently working on the Windows version but I plan to convert to HTML5, I want to make a web-based game because I want it to be free and accessible. Right now even on the GMS2 tutorial, I can't see anything about web-based games. Everything I can find online is for iOS, Android, or Steam...
  18. N

    Steam leaderboards.

    Hello. Anyone has been using Steam leaderboards? I'm talking about steam_download_scores. Uploading works fine, but I can't figure out downloading. I'm using ds_map_secure_save to save it as a file, but after I open it, all I can see is random digits and letters. I might be doing it wrong...
  19. E

    Saving user email and creating a leaderboard on a landing page.

    I've got my game ready. But I need to get the user email and send that info together with the score to a landing page data base. Can you point me in the direction of some good files about it or tutorials? If you have a way to do that or an extension that does that already even better.
  20. sercan

    Android Share, rate and leaderboard buttons

    Hi, Is there anywhere explaining how to make share, rate and leaderboards buttons work for android apps? Actually I have idea for rate and leaderboard but share is missing. Can anyone help me? Thanks.