1. Cupid Stunt

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Variables tab missing from debug

    Must have forgotten to tighten the nut on the other side of my keyboard because I closed the variables tab in my debugger without thinking. Now I cannot get it back. I did layout>reset layout but that did not fix it. Any ideas?
  2. R

    How do I access the windows I use frequently in GMS2?

    Hi, I have a question - can I pin the code window that I want to use again in a moment? I like the style of classic IDEs like Intellij IDEA, where the tabs are just side by side and don't change. In GMS2, when I open a new code window and want to go back, I often have to find it under the...
  3. EvanSki

     GMS 2, Layout Suggestion

    I think that there should be a setting to enable a Layout to be automatically loaded on the creation of a new project. So rather then starting a new project then having to open up where ever you put your layout.xml or make a new one, GMS should automatically load a user defined preset of a layout.
  4. L

    Mac OSX Second monitor problem.

    Hi everyone! I'm new. Nice to meet u guyz! I have a second monitor "Hp 27o" linked to my MacBook retina. When i move the GM2 into the second screen, everything scale in a terrible giant mode. An example that i have found on youtube, ---> i have the same problem. Please Help me!!! Thx Luca
  5. andev

    Discussion Screen GUI clutter and management

    I'm personally not a fan of the node style workspace (especially since you can't move panels about on the x axis), I like windows better. Fortunately game maker 2 allows for this! But I just wanted to discuss the way the space is used. For instance, this is what every single window has at the...
  6. B

    Code layout advice for JRPG in-game cutscenes

    I've got a general idea of how to go about making cutscenes, making separate objects for cutscenes from the controllable objects, and I'm definitely doing all the planning and story writing before starting on one of them. My question though is how to layout with only one copy of the cutscene...
  7. David Richard

    Legacy GM Keyboard layout key definitions for customized controls

    GM Version: ALL Target Platform: ANY Download: No download required Summary: This is how to put all your keyboard layout keys in one array and retrieve them after for customized user controls in your game. Tutorial: I wanted to give this piece of code for anyone wanting to have something fast...