1. descrubb

    GMS 2.3+ Move Objects With Layers using layer_x(), layer_y() Functions.

    I tried using layer_x() to move the objects on a layer... that was a fun debug mission :oops: Turns out, it isn't really mentioned in the docs that it only moves assets around and not instances That besides, I just now thought of this idea: If say, one were to drag a layer around // Dragging...
  2. P

    SOLVED How does the layer_set_visible() work?

    Hello everybody, I have recently posted that I don't understand why is my background grey when I turn into the illustrations mode, making the layers invisible and deactivating all instance before that. But I have just found out that my layers are not turning invisible. SO why doesn't this work...
  3. Kezarus

    Fake 3D, 2.5D, depth = -y Code Analysis

    TLDR version: I find no performance issues between "depth = -y" and other "improved" algorithms and I would like some opinions. Thanks! =] Well, I made some performance analysis on 2 ways on making a Fake 3D effect. Both are well contained in specific objects that handles it all. You feed...
  4. JeanSwamp

    Child rooms not inheriting parent layers

    Hello, I am having an issue where SOME of my child rooms are not inhering the parent layers. When I click inherit, it seems like it does it, but it does not update the layers as it should, while others do. Any idea what could be causing this? I am using GMS2 Thanks
  5. I

    GMS 2 How to recreate a depth value.

    I hope this is the right forum for this. I have some familiarity with GMS1 from my youth so I bought GMS2. With my main aspirations being the creation of a psudo3D game which utilized the depth feature in the Drag&Drop. I have seen some murmurings of a way to use a depth function within the...
  6. MeltingCat

    GMS 2 Tile Collision only working sometimes

    Hi, I'm working on a top down game that uses tile collision to detect certain information about the floor the player is standing on. I have made a script for this using tile collision and it works just great - apart from in some rooms. There are certain rooms in my game where it seems to just...
  7. tedd

    SOLVED Layer/Depth of objects messes up when a room is re-entered.

    Hi! I've been having a problem in GMS2. In my game I have a trigger which the player touches in order to leave to the next room. This room also has a trigger which allows the player to travel back to the previous room. There is currently no problems when walking through room to room, it looks...
  8. MartinK12

    GML How to create and manage all layers by global variables in obj_game_controller through entire game by one code?

    I read some posts but can’t figure that out :( I don’t want to use layers in room editor anymore. I want to place all objects on default instances_layer in room editor and then each object in it’s creation code has first line as layer_add_instance(“layer_i_want_this_object”, id). But I need to...
  9. hughrock18

    SOLVED Layers Behavior Question

    I have been in an all-out war against the layer system of gms2! Not the system's fault mind you. I love how the new system is supposed to work, but I must be missing some bits of info. For the longest time, I would use "layer_create", fill out the layer with objects, and then (at the Room End...
  10. Sabnock

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] - Room Layer issue

    I am making a demo level of the Amiga classic Xennon 2 but i am having an issue with the room layers in GMS 2. the ship and power up weapons are layered to be above the background layers, see below pics, but as you can see the tile layer (rocks) is over the top of the ships weapons. What am i...
  11. L

    GMS 2 can i move objects in a room's instances layer in code

    I know you can change the order of which objects are layered on top in the room editor, but I want to be able to bring one behind another or back in front while the game is running. This way, the player walking lower on the screen appears to be in front always. I was reading into all the layer...
  12. I

    GMS 2 Help with drawing fog particles around area that is getting smaller

    Hi and sorry for my bad English. I make this game where player collects food from bushes while area around exiting point is getting smaller. Kinda like those Battle Royal games. I have an object oFog, that has an ellipse collision mask that covers all of the room at the beginning of game. Then...
  13. GoK

    How to get layer ID from the "begin script" [Solved]

    Guys, sorry for my English, but I need your help. There are several layers in the room (their number and order can change at run-time). All layers should be drawn with the same shader, but with a different uniform parameter. Parameters are stored in the map (layer ID -> parameter). It is logical...
  14. Kleber_Ferreira

    GML Creating sprite from surface on a certain layer

    I'll try to explain what I want to do the best I can. I've been looking into the function sprite_create_from_surface, so I can save a sprite from whatever is drawn in a certain spot on my screen. What I need for my design is actually to create this sprite "behind the curtains". The player...
  15. TomKai

    Pop-up game screen in Game Maker Studio 2

    Hello everyone, I've come here because I need answers about a difficult thing i have to do in my game. I'm making an open space-exploration shmup and wanted to make small space stations that you can visit by foot. The only problem is that i want the space part of the game to continue running...
  16. The_Scientist___

    GMS 2 Cameras not Working with Multiple Layers

    I'm not sure if I'm being a complete idiot, but I'm still learning the new cameras system. I've created a room and the camera works fine, doing everything I want it to, but then I add a new layer to the room and then I can't see any objects. I know they exist, since I can see them drawing...
  17. Erayd

    GMS 2 Binary List Depth Ordering Issue

    I've been working on following this concept on binary lists as depth ordering: I dived in to bitwise operators and read through several demo scripts by yoyo along with reading...
  18. c023-DeV

    Windows Using same tile-atlas on different layers (Performance Question)

    Hey, I have all my wall-tiles mapped out on one sheet (512px x 512px) for convenience and mixing. If I create multiple layers with the same tile-texture, will these layers also multiply the texture in memory or do they always refer to the same chunk in memory?
  19. jwrose

    GMS 2 Weird issue with Yoyo Runner rendering only background

    Hello! I posted this in the GMS support forum, but figured I'd also try here, just in case. I work on my game part time and in the last couple weeks I hadn't touched it. I came back to it recently, and now when I run my game in YoYo Runner, I only get the background color. I get the initial...
  20. atmobeat

    Room Editor Auto opens all layer folders

    Greetings GameMakers! Whenever I go into the room editor, all of the layer folders are automatically opened. I've got a lot of layers and folders for organizing them (I'm using something similar to @MirthCastle's sorting method and something close to his layer conventions. Check it out below if...