1. M

    GML Replacing all tiles on tilemap with solid object

    I've been trying to make a platformer with an object that I use as a solid wall for any solid objects. Instead of making the whole stage it'd be easier to replace all the tiles on the tilemap with the solid automatically so i dont have to update it all the time. I've made some progress (i think)...
  2. Askhat

    Problem with finding the replacement for tile_add

    Hi. Firstly i must say that i am just a begginer in GM, so perhaps i overlooked smth or what more likely, smth didn't understand, so I apologize in advance for my stupidity). Ok, I import my project, which is random level generator from heartbeast), from 1.4. GMs2 as usual create compatibility...
  3. TheMagician

    Question - Code Question about layer_shader()

    I'm trying out some of the new functionality in GMS 2 and came across layer_shader(). However, it behaves differently than what I expected. Here I've set an Instance layer to use a simplistic (and purposefully overused) bloom shader. What I hoped for was a way to have the layer as a whole be...
  4. M

    Windows Clarity on layers & depth?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around the difference between layers and depth. It appears to me that layers are manageable while depth is not, being automatically determined by the engine, or something? I've read the manual but I'm still confused. I know what a layer is, like Photoshop layers mind...
  5. K

    GMS 2 [Solved] layer_get_all_elements not returning array with every instance?

    Following issue: I have a global variable that i use to add up the value-variable of every object placed on the value-layer. However when i look at the debugging process of everything layer_get_all_elements only gives back an array with one entry and that entries value goes up with every new...
  6. 2

    GMS 2 Test If Layer is Tile Layer

    How do I test whether a layer is a tile layer, or not, in code without knowing beforehand?
  7. 2

    GMS 2 Automate Scrolling Tile Layers (no calling manually each: id, or name)

    How would I get all tile layers in any given room, their id and names, but not instance or background layers? I want to automate scrolling so that the 1st layer parallax scrolls at the speed sp, I change sp, then repeat and 2nd layer goes sp, I change sp again, ect. This allows me to repeat this...
  8. psyke

    Question - Code Why explicitly changing depths...

    Why explicitly changing depths also changes the depths of other layers? Take a look at this code: AddHitEffect is just a function to create an instance using instance_create_layer, but when I change the depth of the Trail object, it permanently changes the depth of the layer...
  9. 2

     [Request] Instance Layer Properties in Room Editor

    It would be useful to be able to apply properties to a entire instance layer in the Room Editor so that anything placed on that instance layer in the future has such properties, and the layer properties can be changed at any later time too. Instance properties such as: transparency, color...
  10. Scrydan

    Question - Code [Suggestion] Movable Instance Object layer/group

    I have been looking into this lately and been wrapping my head around the limitation of layer moving. For the past week I have been re-implementing some things in my old project while I looked into this. The layer system is quite cool and can easily in my opinion be used to manipulate whole...
  11. R

    Question - Code Tilemap Size?

    Is there a way to make a certain tilemap layer larger than the room size? so i can stop any gaps at the edges if i offset a tilemap layer. Just wondering. would save having to make another layer underneath it and offsetting the other direction just to fix any gaps. Thanks for any info. - Reax
  12. 2

    Discussion Question: Way to Move Entire Tile Layer?

    Is there still a way to shift the whole tile layer's position at once any more, like tile_layer_shift(depth,x,y) used to do? Basically for a non-repetitive auto scrolling layer.
  13. N

    instance_create_layer not working

    Good day, I just upgraded to GMS 2 and I'm having a hard time with the new instance_create_layer function. This is my code: if (mouse_check_button(mb_left) && isready == true) { isready = false; alarm[0] = cooldown; instance_create_layer(x, y, Instances, obj_bullet); } The layer name...
  14. B

    Question - Code GMS2 draw_tile trouble

    I am having trouble getting the draw_tile function to work, below is my code. Basically the tiles are drawn but about 20 pixels along the x axis they are cut off, I colored the background and it looked like that was what was blocking the sprites but but when I removed the background from the...