1. Adry

    Change pixel resolution of a background_layer?

    Hi GM community! I'm fairly new to programming but was wondering if any one could help me out a bit with this conundrum of an issue.. I have a game that is 160 x 140. However I have set the window size to (380 x 340) which is a 3x magnification for the pixel art. now my question is this.. Is...
  2. Nathan

    Mac OSX Solved Per the manual it says" You need to supply the layer ID, which can either be the name of the layer as written in the code editor (as a string) or the actual...
  3. rawket

    GMS 2 Help with sprite change on asset layer

    So in an object I have this code for room start if areas_coastal == "burned" { layer_sprite_change(layer_sprite_get_id("buildings", "spr_diner1"), spr_diner1Burned); } It runs but the sprite doesn't change
  4. F

    Cutscene Performance: Sprites versus Layer Changes

    My game performs fine but I see value in learning optimization now for future application. I have some segments of the game which are simple animated scenes that react to very limited inputs (space to start, space to stop... that sort of thing) and so far I have been building them like old...
  5. Binsk

    GMS 2 Instance Deactivation and Depth

    Howdy, Alright, so I've always avoided instance deactivation and generally handled the 'deactivation' bit myself. However I am designing an extension that requires I "pause" objects regardless of how the user of the extension has programmed them. Because of this I am trying to use deactivation...
  6. Cofefe

    Question - IDE Drawing Individual Layers of a Sprite

    Hi guys. So I've got a question related to drawing the layers within a sprite. I mean the layers like the ones inside the sprite editor, not the 'Sprite Layers' which you can create in the room editor through code. The reason I ask is because I am currently making a game where I assemble the...
  7. Rui Rosário

    GML [solved] Specified layer does not exist

    Hello GMC. I just created a new project in which I use different control objects, each one responsible for managing a different module of the game. Since instances are organized in layers I wanted all of my control objects to be in a single "control" layer. In order to do this in the first room...
  8. N

    Windows [SOLVED] Objects hidden by new empty layer

    Hello, This afternoon, I've been encountering a very weird issue, and I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if it's a bug. Basically, I added in my room a new layer "Blood" which is empty (and filled when killing an enemy) and it made my walls (from another layer) disappear. Walls were still...
  9. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Depth

    When you draw somthing then draw something else, the last 'draw' code will cause that to be on top. Is there any way to tell the draw functions which layer I intend for it to be drawn regardless of its chronological position as it were?
  10. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2 Draw Order and Depth/Z in 3D reversed

    Hey hi, I'm really confused: I have a few layers (background and instance layers) and a 3D camera setup but the draw order and depth are reversed! For example: layer A: depth 0 gets drawn over everything, is the farthest away layer B: depth 100 gets drawn in the middle, is in the middle...
  11. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2 SOLVED: draw text shadow z-fighting in 3D

    Hello, I'm working on a 2D platformer but I decided for parts of the menu to be 3D. It used to be everything 2D but now I want to show a simple 3D Model in the background and also use the perspective view to get a nice parallax effect. The Problem is: up until now, I used the following script...
  12. 2

    GMS 2 Output Tilemap/Tile Layer Name String In Game

    How do you retrieve the name string you give tilemaps/tile layers in the room editor, and display it on the screen in game. I know we can reference them as strings and GMS 2 knows what we mean, but how do we get the program to output that name string without knowing what the tilemap/tile layer...
  13. 2

    GMS 2 Find Tile Layer's Width and Height

    Is there any way to find the width, and height of a tile layer. Width meaning the x of the first tile in the left direction to the x of the last tile + the tile's width in the right direction. Height meaning the y of the first tile in the up direction to the y of the last tile + the tile's...
  14. Gullgum

    GMS 2 Need help drawing objects with GUI Layers within a script

    Hello! I have an object that is drawing a textbox in a 'Draw GUI' event. In this event, I have a script that draws scrolling text inside the textbox. I need to draw an object on top of this box because when I use the draw_sprite function it messes up the animation on the sprite. The problem is...
  15. atmobeat

    Room Editor Auto opens all layer folders

    Greetings GameMakers! Whenever I go into the room editor, all of the layer folders are automatically opened. I've got a lot of layers and folders for organizing them (I'm using something similar to @MirthCastle's sorting method and something close to his layer conventions. Check it out below if...
  16. 2

    GMS 2 Studio 2: Finding Top Most Drawn of All Instances at Mouse Cursor on Click

    I need to make something that will return the top most instance where the mouse cursor is currently clicking. This is probably different in Studio 2, so how would I adapt the code below? It doesn't matter if the draw order is always the same, just that I can find from multiple instances at the...
  17. seojaeoh

    transparent window

    How do you make a transparent window (layer) that you see behind? Is there only way to make your own sprite? Let me know if you have the ability to control transparency.
  18. M

    Discussion New layer type for texts in GMS 2?

    Since the font system is currently being reworked, I thought it might be possible to include a kind of text layer. So a new layer type that allows you to create text boxes and position them correctly (depending on font size and type). This would be very helpful for managers and simulation games...
  19. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 How to find where/when a variable changes?

    Hi all, I've got an object that seems to change it's layer to -1 at some point and I can't find out where this happens. I've tried searching all uses of the word "layer" in my code to see what each line does, and nothing seems to indicate where the change is happening. I've even added a debug...
  20. Pfap

    [SOLVED] Does layer_vspeed effect instances?

    I have a lava layer that I was hoping to manipulate with layer functions. Create event: cleared = false; lava = layer_get_id("lava_layer"); show_debug_message(lava); show_debug_message(layer_get_y(lava)); alarm[0] = 60; Alarm[0] event: show_debug_message("lava"); cleared = true; //start...