1. Skashi95

    Windows Test launch freezes computer

    Heya all, I hope my English is fine: So I have been working on a game for two years now and the resources gather up to +800 MB already. When I launch the game to test, it becomes more and more laggy and my computer is practically unusable. Since yesterday the lag stands for around 30 minutes...
  2. I

    Windows GM2 Desktop: Crashes when opening the application

    Ok, so first some backstory: I bought GM2 Desktop a couple of months ago, and I had this exact same problem. After I reported a bug, they seemed to fix the problem somehow, and I could use the program. When this latest big patch came, I got the exact same problem. Problem: When I'm trying to...
  3. I

    Windows GMS2 desktop closes while trying to launch

    I just bought GMS2 desktop through steam, and after installing, I had to log in. I also linked my steam with yoyo-games website. So, after doing all that, I launched the game, and it got to a point in the "installation" within the game, and it suddenly just closes the program. After that I...
  4. Homunculus

    Asset - Project GMGL - Updater and launcher

    GMGL is a Game Maker: Studio project that will help you set up a launcher for your game that will check and download updates. NOTE: this is a windows only resource. Please read the how to guide in the documentation in order to set everything up correctly. This resource will provide all you...