1. Nathan Archer

    Windows Cheap/small laptop that can run Game Maker Studio smoothly?

    Hi, trying to get a low-end laptop that can run Game Maker Studio (1+2) smoothly. Not trying to do anything fancy with 3D or anything or anything outside of Game Maker. I am trying to do some development with mobile and HTML5 if that makes any difference. My current laptop is working fine but is...
  2. D

    can it run

    I was looking around and wondering can this run gms:2 Intel hd 4000 i5 3210M 2.5 Ghz 8gb ddr3 ram 128 gb ssd windows 10 professional
  3. D

    Question - IDE Game maker studios 2 desktop subscription on laptop

    This may be a dumb question but does the game maker studio 2 desktop licencse work on windows laptops
  4. M

    Windows Laptop good enough?

    Hi, I ordered a laptop with specs below Acer Aspire 5 i5-8265U 8 GB ram SSD M.2 GeForce MX150 1080p Is it good enough to play with GMS2 comfortably? My main worry is the CPU.
  5. O

    Consistently low frame rate

    Ive been working on a game on my pc for a while and it smoothly at 60 fps but when I tried to play it on my laptop it runs at a consistent 20 or something frames. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas I could try. I tried messing with the sleep margin a bit but I didnt really know what I was...
  6. E

    Best Possible Laptop to Run GMS2?

    So I might be a position to splurge on a new laptop soon, and I had the thought that if there's one criteria I'd like to optimize for, it's generic reliability, and then specifically running GMS2. So, what is the single best possible laptop model for GMS2 development work? No, I'm not asking...
  7. B

    Discussion White Screen of Death on Dell D6000 dock

    So, I am using a Latitude 7280 for mobile development (read: development on the go, not mobile platform). It attaches to a D6000 dock from Dell, which is giving me issues. When the dock is disconnected, GMS2 opens just fine. When it is connected, the UI seems to freeze graphically. If I open...
  8. P

    UWP Game runs slower when no other processes are active

    Hi, When running an UWP game the framerate is lower when nothing else is active on the desktop, but having something more demanding open, like the youtube frontpage, the game performance jumps back to normal. e.g. the delta_time when only GMS2 is active: (value is too high) delta time when...
  9. T

    Laptop / Hybrid recommendation for GM2

    Hello, I've been using GM2 on my desktop PC, but now I'm on the look for something more portable as my tablet broke. So I figured this time I wanted to get a small laptop, but that handles GM2, so I can keep working on stuff while on the train. I'm not that good with PC specs and such, so any...
  10. I

    Discussion Using Gamemaker on Laptop

    Hey guys! I am using desktop PC's since i am a child. I never owned a laptop myself. Now i would love to get a cheap laptop for school and stuff, not for gaming! But i would love to be able to use gamemaker on it and also test what I am programming. Most cheap laptops of course only have a...
  11. Y

    Minimun specs?

    I think i want to buy a cheap laptop to use GMS:2 on the go, but id don't know of this one is good enough. It as an Intel Pentium N3710 and Intel HD Graphics, 2 gigs of DDR3 ram 32 gigs of flash storage If i buy this it is only for GMS:2 and some text documents on google docs, so storage soud...
  12. ShubhamBansod

    Legacy GM Yoyo Runner not working over wifi through Laptop

    Hey, So as the title says, My device is having problem while running game using yoyo runner over wifi, Our State government gave laptops to final year students so I am using it as my personal machine and moved my GMs in this laptop which was before on my PC. When it was on PC it works fine...
  13. leveller

    Question - IDE Lost work when laptop shutdown

    Earlier today I was working on a project. I ran the project and was happy with what I had created. I chose to Save the project from the File menu, and then shutdown my laptop. Just now I had my laptop open and working on my project. I failed to notice the battery had drained and the laptop...