1. Pfap

    [SOLVED]Is there a way to manually set the halign point?

    I'm working on localizing a game and most of the foreign text works with my existing code except for the Japanese and Chinese translations. I'm using fonts from Google and they are in .otf file format. Here is the Japanese one...
  2. Pfap

    How to support all characters?

    To support all human characters that can be rendered with utf-8 do you need to include a font that has all of the characters in order for Gamemaker to render them? I know there are a lot of great free fonts and solutions and lately it seems Google has been trying to make the web more "open"...
  3. S

    Learn to Code Bundle (Pay What You Want) This bundle includes a bunch of different programming languages and other stuff, you can pay whatever you want (like Humble Bundle kind of). If you pay more then the average ($19.71), you can get all 10 courses: - Google Go - Python - Scala -...
  4. RizbIT

    Android Play Store Store Languages and Translations

    Do you get more installs if you publish the app to the stores for different countries? If yes can you just use Google translate to translate the english description and paste it into the description for different countries? Would that work?
  5. clee2005

    iOS Multiple languages in store listing

    Hey does anyone know how to get more than just ENGLISH to show in the Languages property of the Apple App Store listing? I tried adding to the .plist, but that didn't do anything... then I found this in the docs : App Information The next page requires you to input the basic details for your...
  6. D

    Design How best to manage multi language and localization?

    Hello people! First, I'm not interested in any marketplace asset for multi language. I'm interested in the core idea. I would like to know what is the best way to manage multi language and localization in a GameMaker Studio project, and I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas based on your...