1. Warspite2

    English to Chinese translation

    Ran into a problem while doing a language translation maybe someone can clarify. I done all my translations from English to Chinese. Here is what is happening... If I translated this sentence... The birds are singing To this in Chinese...Niǎo er zài gēchàng It will show fine in my draw_text...
  2. Dragon47

    Asset - Scripts GML Regular Expressions (free)

    Download demo: With this asset you can create and compile regular expressions to nondeterministic finite state automata and check if strings match them. It's all written in GML, so it's easy to export to multiple...
  3. Dani

    Design How best to manage multi language and localization?

    Hello people! First, I'm not interested in any marketplace asset for multi language. I'm interested in the core idea. I would like to know what is the best way to manage multi language and localization in a GameMaker Studio project, and I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas based on your...