1. Yellowhite

    GMS 2 Katakana & Japan language

    Hi guys I wanna try add a new language in my game (what i did add Portuguesse & English) and wanna insert japanesse katakana too. But, when before use the function to use sprite how a letter to a language pack, i usually see katakana have more digits what a keyboard. I wanna some help or some...
  2. Kezarus

    Language Support - Char Ranges

    Hello everyone! I am trying to add language support to my Framework for others to use and I bumped in a characters range issue. I plan to add cyrillic, japanese and chinese from Noto Sans Fonts. For cyrillic I added the range 1025 to 1105. For japanese I added 12352 to 12543 for hiragana and...
  3. Mert

    Asset - Extension Firebase Machine Learning Kit - Language Identifer (FREE/Open Source)

    Game Maker Firebase ML Kit – Language Identifier extension allows you to identify and detect a sentence/word/context’s language by using Google’s Machine Learning Kit. Completely FREE & Open Source. Enjoy :) Documentation & For More Questions On Marketplace I share this extension on different...
  4. JapanGamer29

    Steam Steam Leaderboard with non-roman names

    My game on Steam, Shisensho Solitaire, has a built-in Leaderboard that pulls data from Steam Leaderboards. My problem is that players with names in Japanese or Chinese don't show up on my leaderboard, presumably because I don't have the fonts for them. I'm currently using a Verdana font. Not...
  5. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 Game runs fine, but not when using the Debugger [SOLVED]

    Hey guys. I'm baffled by this problem: When I run my game, a json file for language (menu items, etc.) is opened and read into a ds_map in the Create event of my persistent objGameController object. It all works fine. The game is finished and already available on Steam... but... ... when I...
  6. Marko03970

    Server for multiplayer game

    Hi everyone, I want to make multiplayer game, I want to know what is the best programming language to use to make a server? I don't want to make it in gml, I want to make it in another programming language, and run it on my rented external server. So, what do you suggest me? Thanks
  7. Alexir

    GML How to make an object face another object?

    I know this is an insanely easy thing to do, but I can not, for the life of me, figure it out. I'm fairly new to Gamemaker studio 2, and I don't know how to make an object face towards another object constantly, while they move. I have a player character, and an enemy who is holding a weapon...
  8. Kezarus

    Design Regionalization - How and Why?

    Hi everyone! So this is a practical question and a discussion about it. How: I have some idea that the game have to have an archive with ids and phrases that are called inside of GML. Then you set the language archive in the config file and feed a dictionary structure. Is there a better way to...
  9. Kezarus

    Job Offer - General [CLOSED] Paid Proofread

    Hi! I am publishing a game and I need someone to proofreaf all the text on it. The texts are in English and I will provide them separated and give examples where they appear in the game. A rough estimate of the texts are about 500 word, more or less. We can work out a fare per word that is...
  10. Caio

    GML Jump and Gravity Question

    I'm a beginner to intermediate in the programming language part, and in GML, and I'm always trying different ways to program something. I've watched different tutorials, and most use the variable "vspeed" for the "Y" in the gravity and jump part. I tried to program using the same "Y" instead of...
  11. T

    Discussion Cyrillic font doesn't work.

    Hello! I have a weird problem. I downloaded a font, which has cyrillic and latin letters, but for some reason, GMS2 doesn't see cyrillic letters. That how it should look: And that's how it looks in GMS2: Is there any option how to turn it on? Thanks in advance!
  12. Aver005

    Question - IDE How to install your language?

    In earlier versions it was possible to put the GameMaker file, and saw it as a separate language. Now it's not working. However at boot I always see the inscription "Loading of Custom Languages...". And I have a question: HOW to INSTALL YOUR LANGUAGE? WHERE TO THROW? I would be grateful to any...
  13. D

    GML How to create moving interlocked gears

    I know a "simple" question like this could potentially open up a lot of additional questions and require several concepts to answer, and I think I am willing to learn all of it if needed. So here goes; Is there a way to make two gears that have interlocking teeth, and then move one gear by...
  14. E

    Game maker what language?

    Hi, I'm looking at making games with game maker, what language does game maker use? can I code in C#?
  15. Poking Pug

    Any way to use C/C++ code with GM:Studio v1.4 or v2??

    Hi! Basically the question is self-explanatory: GM:S has been using its proprietary language from the beginning, which has changed a bit over the years, but it's clear that it is not using regular C/C++/JavaScript/Delphi/etc. syntax, it's a mix of them with some personal touches. All I want to...
  16. T

    Android Help needed with internal supported language list

    when uploading one of my games to a website i ran into a problem, on the website i cannot manually change the languages i support so the list looks like this, Supported languages: Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bengali, Bosnian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German...
  17. L

    Asset - Extension Lerner Translator

    Easy translation on the go. Lerner Translator lets you internationalize your app and reach a wider audience. Only three steps are required: store translations, choose the desired localization to display then surround your strings with the lt() function. Here you go! This package provides you...
  18. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] HELP please Code - Random objects

    I have found it difficult to find the respective codes for the actions of the DnD. I've been working with DnD lately. But I'd like to know. I would like to know the code, to create objects randomly but that are in the same position, And the code for random objects around the room. And I would...
  19. O

    Legacy GM The software is in gibberish

    How do I correct it for English? Thanks to the helpers, it's urgent!
  20. Fabseven

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Text and language issue

    Hello I am wondering if there are Antoine simple fonction un GM to mâle gammes multi language FR EN DE en so on ? Or should i use à script like _text( lang_id, text_id) with à switch inside ? (Or à database ?) Same question with text formation , i didnt saw à function to justify text and make...