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  1. A

    iOS Bug when launching landscape app on iOS 13

    Hello, This might seem a bit off topic but I’ve found no other place where I could ask for help and you would do me a HUGE favour if you could help me out. Due to the new App Store requirements, I am forced to update some of my older projects that I want to keep alive. One of those projects...
  2. hughrock_projects

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] 2D Pixel Artist with Strong Machine and Landscape Animation Skills Needed

    Hello my fellow indie devs and artists! Myself and 2 other devs are working on an exciting 2d-top-down-tower-defense game we call, "Equal". Now, we are looking for a pixel artist with strong machine animation skills to begin drawing the units that will comprise the end-user's battlefield. We...
  3. C

    Need landscape sprites but cant find any

    Hi, im working on a game (obviously) and i need some landscape sprites, by this i mean trees, rocks, statues etc, just things i can put onto the landscape so it doesnt look bare, i cant find anything in png format, only jpegs and the pixel distortion is unreal. does anyone have any links? any...
  4. zendraw

    Android Q:The view port

    How do i set my game to aways be in landscape display mode? without the user having to activate the rotating function on his phone.
  5. S

    Android Landscape Orientation makes graphics worse

    Read title. My sprites on Portrait Orientation look fine but when I turn my android device sideways (Landscape) the size of my sprites looks the same size except they're more pixelated. Not sure what's causing it. My intended graphics are more of an HD look with smoother edges, least amount of...
  6. Z

    Android Virtual keys problem

    I have made virtual keys using virtual_key_add function , but the virtual keys become disoriented when the game goes from portrait to landscape. Is there any way to prevent this? Can i make virtual keys relative to the game window size, but it would have to be done in step event. how do...
  7. G

    GML: Lock mobile device to initial orientation

    I want users of my game to be able to run it in either landscape or portrait but I don't want them to change orientation once it's playing. Is there any way to stop orientation changes?
  8. Anixias

    3D Creating landscape textures dynamically

    Hello there! I am currently working on a game that will randomly generate a couple perlin-noise surfaces (one for the heightmap of the terrain, another for the biome map, another for vegetation map, another for resources, etc) and then create a terrain model (with the correct normals and...