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    Legacy GM GBA-Styled Kirby Slopes

    Hey, Game Makers! I haven't posted in a while since I was getting help from my friend, Jo-Thijs on skype with my Kirby project. We were doing so well, until when starting work on the slopes, we have no idea how to implement them correctly. We need help on implementing and making the slopes work...
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    Slip and Slide, Kirby!

    Greetings, Game Makers! I've been working on my engine, and when I was about to add a sliding action, he doesn't move! It was probably because of one of the pieces of code on his ducking action, since I couldn't get him to stop moving when he's ducking. I cleared out the sliding action, so I...
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    Kirby's Dream Land 1- Help

    Hey guys, my name is MegaGamer99 and I need some help. Recently, I'm working on a remake of Kirby's Dreamland to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Kirby in 2017. But before the remake and the possible bonus material, I needed to recreate the original Game Boy version first to set up as...