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kingdom hearts

  1. OblivionSkull21

    Help with healthbar depletion (Kingdom Hearts 2 style)

    This question may seem a little confusing so I'm going to try to explain as best as I can. I've started making healthbars for my battle system by using draw_healthbar(). I've got it working fairly well. When the enemy is hit, their health gradually drops like so: However, for stylistic...
  2. P

    What will Alice look like in future games of Kingdom Hearts?

    What will Alice look like in future games of Kingdom Hearts? When Alice last was seen, she was about twelve years old. Considering how Sora's body has grown in a short time ( about two years in-game) , it is to be expected that Alice has blossomed too. She should be a young woman and have...
  3. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM card mechanic problem

    I went to look for help and with out the help of discord I would not make something like this. the cards are action cards... giving player an opportunity to perform. like kingdom hearts chains of memories. has 3 buttons, I use 2. there use, skip, and hold. but I came up with problems, one of...
  4. A

    My "Magic" Kingdom Hearts Cap

    I was at the mall with my mother today getting clothes for the upcoming school year. Of course, I gotta return to college looking my best because there could be a whole swarm of cute nerdy girls just begging for a piece of crap like me. We go to Hot Topic because, let’s face it, it’s the best...