1. S

    GMS 2 sprites have been inverted with no change of code

    hey! so I havent changed any line of my code since earlier today after I tested it out. my character was moving exactly how I wanted it to, when I pressed left it changed to the left facing sprite and vice versa. the only thing i have done is, add a wall and change the background of the room...
  2. Michael Franklin

    Windows Gravity and Key problems

    I watched the tutorial on making a platform game by Shaun Spalding. I have no compile errors and I have watched the video twice now. I have a logic error. Everything runs but when I try and play the game the character zooms off the screen in a straight line. Clearly my gravity, and keys are not...
  3. Atbit

    Menu keyboard navigation

    I need to have a system, which could use keyboard and mouse at ones. Today I found one tutorioal, in which one guy used different globals. It works, and keys works fine, but I am too dumb to understand how can I make it work with the mouse. I got separated events for each menu buttons "mouse...
  4. Nahual

    Android Virtual keys, the right way?

    Hello to all my GMS users out there! First, I want to say that I am beyond happy with how much this community has grown and how well GM still does around game developers. :D I do have a conundrum that I cant seem to shake off lately and I was hoping anybody here could perhaps lend me a hand...
  5. Pfap

    iOS How to check if the return key has been pressed?

    I have been playing around with the new virtual keyboard functions with ios and have noticed a few issues. I have an object that brings up the keyboard in the first room of my tests. It wasn't bringing the keyboard up, but there was some strange flicker in the default Gms2 splash screen, so I...
  6. S

    GMS 2 [Solved] Double Tapping Movement Keys For Dash

    I've already created dashing, I just wanted to know if anyone knows how to detect if right arrow or left arrow as been pressed twice in a short amount of time. Thanks
  7. Z

    GML Can I read from an ini_file without knowing the keys?

    So I've made this whole system for encrypting values as well as the keys, just to make it harder for anyone to know what they are changing if they would open the text files. But only now as I implemented it did I realise that ini_read needs a key to read a value, and if that key is encrypted it...
  8. P

    moving a virtual_key on tap

    Hey all, I need to move a virtual_key's x & y on to the position of a screen tap. I can't seem to get hold of the virtual_key as it doesn't seem to be a conventional object. is this assumption correct? can a virtual_key have it's x /y set after creation or should i destroy then recreate a new...
  9. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Virtual keys

    how do you people handle virtual keys? im really not sure how to approach them and the manual doesnt say much. for instance, what happens if i set a var to a vkey, then set that same var to another vkey? does it create a leak? does it delete/replace the old vkey? do i aways have to delete the...
  10. sv3nxd

    Legacy GM Key-Input-Field with false and wrong answer - How?

    So im currently working on a game in which the protagonist needs to solve some riddles. One of them is to answer a question. Therfore the player needs to type in the answer with the keyboard. I set it up to the point where i only need one thing: A result I want the player to answer and then...
  11. M

    Mac OSX [SOLVED] How to control sprite movement with keyboard?

    I am relatively new to GM, and am trying to create a maze type game where the player sprite is controlled by hitting keys on the keyboard. (I am designing this for blind people too). The prime situation would be for the sprite to move only when the key is pressed, but even just constant...
  12. F

    doors & keys

    I need help with coding a door that open's if the player has a key to open the door.
  13. T

    Multiple key assignment

    Hi guys! I was wondering how i could assign both the "W" and "SPACE" keys to the action jump. I couldn't figure it out by myself. Maybe one of you can help me? (it's for a 2d platformer i'm working on) Thanks in advance!
  14. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Displayng keys

    Hi, so im trying to draw the keys that the player will use to play the game but when drawing the mouse buttons it draws nothing and on the arrow keys it draws other symbols. this is the line i use to draw draw_text(xx, yy, chr(key));