1. Xalezar

    HTML5 [GMS 2.3.1] Keypresses not detected when game is loaded in an iframe

    Not sure if this is a bug with the new 2.3.1 release, but I just created a new HTML5 build, and none of my keypresses are being detected. Strangely I tried reverting back to and the problem still persists. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same? EDIT: I just reverted back...
  2. N

    GMS 2 Having Trouble Moving Sprite Animation Frames along X and Y axis

    Hello all, Haven't used game maker long but I love it so far! My current issue is that I have an Action_Selector Obj with an attack option, when the user key_check_pressed(ord("A")) on that selection I want to hide the Idle_Character_Obj and un-hide the jump_to_target animation then wait at...
  3. clee2005

    Question - IDE Keyboard shortcut for setting target and config?

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to set the target and config via keyboard shortcut. Really the goal is to be able to set these two via an external keypress script. If there is another option - ie. via GMS2 file modification in a build file or something, I'm open to that as well. Thanks, Chris
  4. C

    GML SOLVED: Single Animation on KeyPress

    Good Morning, I have an action keypress that I want to be able to use to open a garage door in my game. Right now I can walk to the door, press the action button and the animation just keeps looping and looping. How Can I press my action button, have the animation play though, delete the...
  5. Y

    Legacy GM action doesn't work unless physically pressing button(SOLVED)

    In my game when the player presses a key and some conditions are met it should emulate a keypress(number 3) this will change the players wielding weapon and should change the attack animation accordingly. if I physically press the 3 button it does work. but when do it through the code my player...