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  1. FacesOfMu

     Code/Script Editor Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl =

    Hey there, I'd love a keyboard short cut to turn selected text like this: var num = x; this_object.attacker = enemy; enemy.attacking = this_object; enemy.x = lengthdir_x(40, this_object.facing); if(this_object.facing >= 270) enemy.y = meeting_place(x,y,obj_bullet); into this: var num...
  2. S

    Legacy GM Sprite editor keyboard shortcuts not working on low end pc

    So I'm developing my game on a low end pc, and I've had no issues so far except for this. Everytime I make a keyboard shortcut, such as CTRL+Z or something as simple as pressing "DEL", they never do anything on the first attempt and hardly ever work. This worked on my decent-ish pc, but for some...