1. H

    Legacy GM Translating key value to string

    Hello! I am trying to translate a pressed key value (say, '72' which is the value for the 'H' key) to a string, but I can't get it to work. Any ideas?
  2. Ronchon

    Legacy GM Hashing a datastructure

    Hi, I would like to generate a "hash" out of datastructures such as ds_grids that would allow to quickly compare 2 different grids to know if they hold the same values, for example. Comparing each tile's values is too slow, and too problematic if the values are of different types. How would you...
  3. C

    'D' key is always being registered as pressed when it isn't

    I just started a brand new project, and this movement code is super simple and I have used it for many games in the past. I just started using GM again after some years but in my mind I don't think there's anything wrong with this code. The up and down directions work fine, but the player is...
  4. L

    Encrypt String With Key Script

    I want to duplicate I want to make an encryption script that encrypts a string of text using a key. I tried this but it doesn't work. I can't figure out why. Could someone help me? What I want to do is say, if the key is "key", make...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Key pressed if window is not in focus (not active)

    Hi, this is my first post on the forum. I'm moving my first steps in the GameMaker world, and through Drag and Drop I created a simple counter with three keypad keys: "+" to add, "-" to subtract, "0" to reset. Everything works well, but I would like it to work even when the counter window is not...
  6. XirmiX

    [Solved] ds_map_find(map, key); Could you please implement this function in GM? Pleeeeease?

    Okay, so some might know my story about ds_maps and networking... essentially, I needed to check for key names, not their values, the names of the keys themselves, in a ds_map. Now... to get values of keys, you can just do "ds_map_find_value", but, if you wanted to find/idenfity a specific key...
  7. Samuel Venable

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] "unable to download rss file to begin download of missing modules!"

    I tried installing the current early access version of GMS1, and I get this error every time I try to run it after installation: What am I supposed to do to get it working? The module drop down is acting like I'm using the free version, even though I have master collection and tried entering...
  8. A

    Npcs that give missions

    I'm wanting to have multiple npcs which will give multiple different "missions" so to speak. Basically all I need is for the npc to say that said mission's dialouge then give a key and player can do what needs to be done. When they come back I want them to be rewarded and to have the next...
  9. P

    How to avoid input being pressed for x seconds

    Hello, is there a way to disable an input (BUT NOT ITS ACTIONS!) for x seconds or under some circumstances ?
  10. M

    A "Key" Code

    Hi GameMakers! It's me again and I need your help again! This time i was doing a key like in dungeon crawlers to train my creativyty in programming (yes, that was my self-made project) And i got an error that says: "Wrong number of arguments in a function or script" in...
  11. W

    Animation Aim with Arrow keys

    Hey guys, I'm an artist trying to get some controls worked out so I can work on game animations. I am wondering how I could change animations with the up or down arrow buttons. A type of index perhaps? when you press up his aim animation will angled, press up again even more angled, and 3rd...
  12. R

    Legacy GM Can one argument get the value of another argument?

    So I tried asking this yesterday but maybe I wasn't efficiënt in explaining it. ///scr_rectangle_position(key_kind,position); position = argument1; if(mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) &&...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Switch to toggle other object

    Hi there fellow coders, I am totally new to GameMaker but not to programming in general, so please point me to a ressource of knowledge, if my question turns out to be pointless :p I am trying to accomplish the following: a) define a toggle object (here called obj_dice) b) define a background...
  14. J

    Changing my engine from Standard to Pro

    I own a Professional Key, and it is registered to my account. For a while I have been using the free version GameMaker, how do I now change my engine to the professional edition? I have signed into GameMaker in my account, I have the professional key as my main key, and no matter what I do I...
  15. N

    License Keys

    Hi, I'm Nic / NinjaNic, new to this forum. However, I'm not sure if I should say I'm new to GameMaker. Many years ago I had GameMaker and I had so much fun with it but eventually stopped using it, but never stopped making games. Recently, someone told me about the Humble Bundle deal and I was...