1. A

    SOLVED How i do to make an animation executes once when i press a key.

    Hi, i am using Game Maker Studio 2.3, and i want to know how can i make an animation executes enterely when i press once time a key. I did it when you keep pressing the key the animation keeps repeating itself, but i dont know how to do it pressing once the key, for example, "D" and the sprite...
  2. N

    Legacy GM Can't enter the license key to activate GameMaker Pro

    Hey there! Im currently using a new laptop and downloaded legacy gamemaker (v. 1.4) on it. Link to where i downloaded it: I have the license key for Pro, but when i open gamemaker, it does not show the starting front page where you can type in the...
  3. X

    GMS 2.3+ Custom key with event_perform

    I am making my own keyboard to draw on the screen I have an object oKey setup like this create letter = "A"; draw just draws the key however i want global tap if (point_in_rectangle(xTouch, yTouch, leftBoundary, topBoundary, rightBoundary, bottomBoundary)) { show_debug_message(letter + "...
  4. bhughey2424

    Exporting for iOS: "Need to Set Up the Key"

    I'm trying to export an application I built on windows to xCode on my mac for testing on my iPad. This is showing up in the output before I get the "FAILED: Run Program Complete" line. Can someone explain how to fix this? To clarify, the mac and pc are connected just fine. I can see target the...
  5. U

    SOLVED Code for keyboard movement

    Hello. I am now writing code to move the character with the keyboard. The code below I wrote is flawed. For example, if you press the left key while holding down the up key, and then release your finger from the up key, you will continue to move to the upper left even though you have only...
  6. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 How to call a random key from ds_map?

    How do I call a random key from a ds_map structure? or will i have to create ds_list? a bunch of variables are created in ds_list, if for example I have 300 keys? I tried to do something with this, but my head is not working as it should var arts = global.artefacts; var arts_size =...
  7. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 Change Key State By variable value

    so i want to change key state if its pressed or not by variable value something like this and idk if it work pls help me : rkey = keyboard_check(ord("D")); lkey = keyboard_check(ord("Q")); dkey = keyboard_check(ord("S")); ukey = keyboard_check(ord("Z")); playerid.rkey = mover; playerid.lkey =...
  8. L

    how do I make a key follow the player without it randomly moving? Help!

    so I'm making a game that has keys in it and when thay follow you thay can get stuck and thay randomly move the key will move randomly when the player is standing still. the code: //move to the player if (instance_exists(obj_player)){ mp_potential_step(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, 10...
  9. JugglyJuggle

    Legacy GM License Big BIG Trouble

    Hi everyone! :D Weird one here: I understand that I can't upload an Android APK to Google Play using GM14.9999. So here's the matter, I have a project I've been working on 2 years, and I want to upgrade to GMS2. Do I have to pay again for GMS2? And also buy the license once again? (Let me be...
  10. M

    Way to check if any other key than a certain one is pressed?

    So there's a reaction minigame where the player has to press always a certain flashing key. How do i make it so that if the player presses any other key than that one specific, stuff happens? Thanks beforehand,
  11. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 get current key pressed?

    is there a way to get the currently pressed keyboard key by looping through keys? something similar to what this does for the gamepad.. for ( var i = gp_face1; i < gp_axisrv; i++ ) { if ( gamepad_button_check( 0, i ) ) return i; } return false; I don't want to use keyboard_lastkey...
  12. A

    2 Keys Pressed

    I havent been able to find anything on this, so i figured it out myself. but if anybody else was wondering, if you want to hold alt, and press enter to fullscreen for example, this is the code if keyboard_check(vk_alt) && keyboard_check_pressed(vk_enter) { if window_get_fullscreen()...
  13. J

    Legacy GM Fullscreen toggle isnt persistent

    I made an object which contains a step event with the following code: if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord("F"))) { if window_get_fullscreen() { window_set_fullscreen(false); } else { window_set_fullscreen(true); } } Its supposed to toggle fullscreen...
  14. S

    Discussion Where to find GameMaker: Studio Professional keys?

    Hey everyone, I am working on a game project using GameMaker: Studio Professional Edition (v.1.4.9999) and because Studio 1 is no longer available on the YoYo Games website (at least from what I could find; correct me if I'm wrong), I am the only one who can currently work it. I would very...
  15. XirmiX

    GML [SOLVED] Convert string to keyboard input or return keyboard input?

    Is it possible to convert a string to a keyboard input? Say I have "mouse_x" string variable and I want to create a new variable that holds keyboard input and takes that string variable to get what key the variable will be set to? Or may be it's possible to set in a list a key value? I've tried...
  16. Bladevampirek

    Accept Input for ".';/,[]\=-` Tab CapsLock Shift" & More?

    I'm making a virtual keyboard, this will be used to make learning Touch Typing Easier for people, Game Maker cannot recognize the keys that I underlined with red in the photo above. Is there a way to make it recognize any of these key inputs, so that I can change sprites when the key is pressed...
  17. Architheutis

    Simple Weapon-Aiming and Shots

    Hi Folks, I`m an interested beginner in programming and using GMS2. I´ve already seen different YT-Tutorials, f.e. making a Jump`N`Run game. I can follow all codes and steps. But I hang up on a simple weapon behaviour. Maybe there is somebody can gimme a hint!? I have a fully functional...
  18. Dr_Nomz

    Legacy GM Any Key or Step?

    For something like checking when I press the move key or whatever, for example. Also WHY is there no detailed information about Any Key in the Manuel? That's really annoying guys. (STEP has a document...)
  19. Pfap

    iOS How to check if the return key has been pressed?

    I have been playing around with the new virtual keyboard functions with ios and have noticed a few issues. I have an object that brings up the keyboard in the first room of my tests. It wasn't bringing the keyboard up, but there was some strange flicker in the default Gms2 splash screen, so I...
  20. T

    Game Maker Studio 2 Desktop lost my license

    Hello! I have in issue. For the one year we worked on the project. An dyesterday suddenly my Game Make 2 IDE began to say me I have only Trial version and can't open any of my projects. I have tried to recover my License Key via YoYoGames site but don't know where should I enter it. We can't...