1. Yellowhite

    GMS 2 Katakana & Japan language

    Hi guys I wanna try add a new language in my game (what i did add Portuguesse & English) and wanna insert japanesse katakana too. But, when before use the function to use sprite how a letter to a language pack, i usually see katakana have more digits what a keyboard. I wanna some help or some...
  2. Yellowhite

    Hm... Adding Japanesse fonts

    Hoi guys! I wanna add Japanesse fonts to my game like Katakana. I have thinked of draw every sprite of japanesse font and use the funciton of "font_add_sprite" but i see the ANSII get the first 26 chars normally, and the Katakana use of 46 chars. It's just, how it's a easy way of add Japanesse...
  3. J

    Released JapaneseMEOW Hiragana Game.

    FREE Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.japanesemeow.hiraganagame FREE Web version: http://japanesemeow.com/HiraganaGame Pop to the top of the Tokyo Skytree with this cute Hiragana Learning Game. • 71 randomized Hiragana symbols for you to test yourself...