1. Z

    Attacking while Jumping

    Dear Game Maker community I have been working a platformer game and been implementing an attack system. I have created a state machine to switch between Walking and attacking it works perfectly when pushing the Z button the character stops performs and does the attack animation and returns back...
  2. H

    Jumping in a 4-directional Shooter

    Hello everyone! Currently I am working on a game that will play a bit like Shock Troopers for the NeoGeo. I am trying to figure out a way to implement a jumping ability for the player. Currently my player object has the following variables in it's Create Event: phy_bullet = true; hp = 10; spd =...
  3. S

    School Project Help

    Hey, For my final project, I've decided to make a 2D sidescroller. Simple concept, Gordon Ramsay chases you whilst you run and jump above gaps. I have less than a month to hand it in. I have barely started the code, and am stuck on how to get my main character to jump. My code atm for...
  4. Doc

    Legacy GM {CLOSED}Auto jump mechanic problems

    Hello all! first off, I'll apologize in advance as this very likely has been covered before, but I am two days in and have a super limited understanding of GML and programming in general. So I have a working state machine up and running. obj horizontal movement is working fine, as well as a...
  5. C

    Prevent Creating Object Instance if a wall is above the Character?

    Hello I'm a newbie developer, who knows a little coding. So here is my situation, so i have a projectile that pushes my character every time he jumps, but i only want this projectile to appear if there is space above me, and i want nothing to appear when i'm jumping towards a wall before...
  6. C

    Jump Sprites

    I have made my sprites for moving left and right and idle position work without any glitches. however whenever i jump the same sprites for being idle and moving left and right occur, is there any code that can help me with this. the code is from this video, . i also added this code for the...
  7. C

    Jumping Projectile?

    I'm a young beginner with no idea how to code, i just started using Game Maker, I was able to make all my sprites for a 2D platformer and decided that whenever the character jumps a blue beam will launch him up. However during the making of that sprite, I realized that whenever the character...
  8. P

    GMS 2 Object, which follows player by the shortest route in a platformer

    Hi, I am trying to make object which will follow the player using only his platform abilities, by this I mean by jumping and walking. Not going through the walls like objects in my attempts did. Do you have any hints how to make this work?
  9. A

    Objects Behaving differently even though they are the same

    I've been working on a 2.5D platformer game for about a week now and I've run into an issue. The main character encounters enemies, called Nuggets, that just walk left in right within designated zones and are supposed to hurt the player when you walk in to them. You can kill them by jumping on...
  10. L

    GMS 2 Solved, Jumping problem

    Hi I'm new to Gamemaker studio 2 and forums I'm currently working on drag and drop games (can't do programming for my games yet) for my college class and I've been struggling for a time with figuring out how to get jumping and random spawning of enemies going from directly from top to the floor...
  11. shostifrosty

    Isometric 2.5D platformer moving problems

    Hello there! My name is Alice and I am new in the forum. ^____^ First of all I would like to thank you all for having such a nice forum with so many guidelines and threads helping people – that were very helpful for me as well, though now I am stuck (this is why I am posting here). The point...
  12. B

    Legacy GM Two questions about jumping and melee attack.

    Hi guys! Last step of my game! I am making a 2-player game in which they can punch each other. I have coded 2 objects, each stand for a player, named obj_player and obj_player2. They are the same except for the input keys. The problem is when player 1 attacks player 2, he receives the damage...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] Top down jumping not working

    Hello! I am very new to Game Maker, at least the coding part of it, and I have a problem with my jumping animation. The game is like old school game boy zelda games, top down, 8 directions. I have made a 15 frame animation for jumping, and whenever space is pressed, it changes jumping state to...
  14. B

    Help with sprite and jump through platform!

    Hi guys, I got a few problems with my character's sprite and the platform. First of all, the platform can be jumped through by the player when it is under the platform. Secondly, if the player has stood on the platform, the platform's mask index changed into 1. Also, note that when I first...
  15. S

    GML How can i remove floating shadow?

    When i jump its as if there is a sec of a frame were im technically "not moveing", because you know gravity. Go up, slow down, stop, go down, land. Is there a way i can code for a specific frame to show when i am not near a collision wall and also not doing the jump animation? I tried putting...
  16. S

    GML Jumping and Falling (Gravity)

    So im fairly new to game maker and starting to learn some code. I thought using room gravity would help me but nope, and i because idk how to use gravity i now need help with jumping too... heres my current code:
  17. king javo

    Jump Animation Basics

    This should be a simple question, but I can't seem to find anything useful with my initial searches across the web. Here's the question... if I have a set of frames to show a jump animation, is it (a) better practice to have each frame's canvas size with a tall enough height to allow the frames...
  18. G

    2 questions to you guys.

    Hi there. I got two questions, "how to do it type questions" xD i just cant figure out it. First is: That i need for a combat system. I got targeted enemy(like in dark souls) and what i need to do is to do kinda animate player to make a hit. But i not mean sprite animation. I need to slowly move...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Help with creating a platforming "Ghost Jump"

    Often in platformers, especially ones that require extremely precise input, there's an effect called a Ghost Jump. Basically, in games where you're moving fast, you'll often time your jump a fraction of a second late, and since you're off the edge of a platform or no longer touching the ground...
  20. Y

    doesn't detect place_meeting

    so i'm using this script to check for the Obj_Stone. if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_up) && Jumping == false){ physics_apply_impulse(x, y, 0, -500) Jumping = true show_debug_message("true") } if (place_meeting(x,y+1, Obj_Stone) && !place_meeting(x+1,y, Obj_Stone)){ Jumping =...