jumping issues

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    GMS 2 Problems with jump height in a 2D platformer

    Hi all, looking for some help with a problem I'm having getting pixel-perfect jump heights in a 2D platformer. I started with the usual that most tutorials (Shaun Spalding, Heartbeast) suggest, ie //in create hsp = 0 vsp = 0 grv = 0.3 jumpheight = -7 ...other variables, etc. //in step event...
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    GMS 2 Jumping mechanic issue

    Hello Guys, i'm actually trying to study GML/Programation Logic and in the same time developing a game. (On GMS 2) I'm studying with videos on YouTube. On the past 2 weeks i'm developing and studying the method to create a game using the HeartBeast video's, to be more precise, the "Hack'n'Slash...
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    Issues with platformer game regarding jumping and delayings.

    Hello Everyone, First of all thank you for your time to read this topic. So the issue that we are facing is as follow we have made a platformer setup however there are still 2 bugs that we havent been able to solve. Issue one is that when you stand directly at the walls and click the jump...