1. R

    How to create a set jump path?

    How could I make a jump like Simon's from Castlevania (NES), to where you can't change your trajectory and instead go in a set path with an incremental velocity? So something like this:
  2. B

    New, new help with top down jumping game

    I'm not sure where to post this, this is my first post. I've made top scrolling shooters before and get the idea behind it. I can also do basic pacman like games. I'm trying to build a jumping game as a top down. closest thing would be frogger with the logs. The idea is that you would have a...
  3. sercan

    Physics double jump issue.

    Hi, I have an object that jumps with mouse click. I want to use physics world to do this. when the object is on the ground with applying impulse it is ok, it works. But I want to jump again when the object is still on the air. The problem is the second jumping level is not same as the first...
  4. B

    Passing through solid objects

    I know everybody says not to use solid objects in games but I did just to save time and now I regret it. I'm making a platformer game and I have a boomerang in it and it can't pass through solid objects like a wall but I want it to be able to pass through walls and anything. Pls help if its...
  5. B

    Character Floats Near Non Solid Objects

    [edit] To make things short, I have a problem where my character jumps normally everywhere except for in places where there's a non-solid object behind him like a torch. The character jumps just fine on solid objects, stands, walks , and even jumps with consistency except for when there's like a...
  6. Q

    Legacy GM Flipping gravity

    Hello, Currently working on a rhythm platformer game (long story), And I want to add a feature that allows the player to flip their own gravity. At the moment, gravity does flip, but just before the player would collide with the ground/ceiling, they hover slightly above the ground for a few...
  7. sercan

    Missing touches at room changes

    Hi everyone, I think i am getting really mad of this problem but i have no idea what may cause this. I have an object called char, in global mouse left press event; gravity=0,5; vspeed=-7; so it jumps when i tap screen. At some points of game char jumps to another room depends on game...
  8. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Problem With Sprite Animation

    Hi, I have a problem with my animation when my character jump.. I have a 6 frame animation when my character jumps, then when he's falling, I have 2 frames for that. basically, every time my character jumps, the animation has a delay sometimes, like it doesn't play ASAP, also sometime it play...
  9. G

    Legacy GM [Solved] Keep horizontal momentum after collision

    I'm currently developing a game where you can't change your momentum in the air after you jump. When jumping into a wall right now my player's horizontal speed changes to zero. I can't figure out how to return the player's speed back to the original speed before the collision once they pass...
  10. Z

    oh my god i need help?! with jump?!?

    im trying to do a jump but i messed up a lot with check collision?? and it doesnt work¿¿¿¿ wtf??? and if i dont use check collision i can jump infinite times?????? like rly i didnt want to ask but omg i have been like 3 hours on this and i have no idea¿¿¿ it just doesnt jump even if theres...
  11. D

    Legacy GM Player shift problem while jumping

    Hi everyone, I've recently added a view system in my game (here's the code): //Sets the view borders leftBorderAxis = view_xview + view_hborder; rightBorderAxis = view_xview + view_wview - view_hborder; //Calculates player's relative position to the borders difLeft = spr_player.x -...
  12. G

    Legacy GM Jumping Error

    I'm having a problem where if I hold left, up, and press the jump button, my character won't jump. Just holding left and jumping works, holding up and jumping works, holding right and jumping works, and holding right and up and jumping works. This is the code I used, I've been through it a...
  13. P

    multi stage jump?

    hi ill try to keep this simple. in my game i have 4 parts of animation for my jump. stage 1 is the crouch, and jump up. stage 2 is to transition the characters cape and she starts falling stage 3 is the falling animation stage 4 is a landing animation. with that said i have 3 questions- how do...
  14. Jordan Robinson

    Easy Double Jump

    Easy Double Jump Jordan Robinson GM Version: 1.4.1757 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: I am creating this tutorial specifically because I have seen many people trying to do this with lots of variables or alarms. In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement the most...
  15. T

    [Solved] - Physics - Double Jump Scenario Issue

    Hi, I'm new here =) This looks like a great community!! I have a question regarding this: "physics_apply_local_impulse(0, 0, 0, -5 );" The Scenario i have the player object sitting on the ground, when hitting "Space" i run this command to jump using "physics_apply_local_impulse(0, 0, 0, -5...
  16. C

    Legacy GM Why does object shake while jumping/falling?

    [I apologize in advance because I've already posted in this forum asking for help with every single problem I encountered. Believe me when I say I have searched through other posts/the GM Help stuff for a solution, but I'm just too dumb to figure it out] When my player object falls, the object...