1. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Sprite Bouncing On Higher Ground and Cant Jump

    3 problems solved. still have something that im trying to figure out tho. you can delete this thread mod. but, seriously no one replying here. lol
  2. G

    keyboard_clear doesn't seem to work

    Hello. I want to force the user to hit space each time they want to jump so they can't just keep space pressed down to carry on jumping. I thought keyboard_clear(vk_space) would do that but it doesn't seem to have any effect. If I hold the space bar down, the player object just keeps jumping...
  3. C

    Coding Enemies to Jump Situationally

    I recently tried to code an enemy to jump over walls and gaps and had success in a way. They do jump, but constantly in a pogo style. What I'm aiming for is having the enemies detect when there is an obstacle or absence of floor where they're going and jump then as opposed to constant jumping...
  4. sv3nxd

    Beta AdoraHop - Tiny Arcade Game

    Hey there! A few days ago I began programming this little title and wanted some opinions and feedback before adding more content into it. The game is heavily inspired by doodle-jump, which I used to play a lot on my mobile back then. The main-goal is reaching as far up as possible without...
  5. Ninjinister

    Legacy GM Hangtime problems

    Hello, Working on a platformer in GMS 1.4.1788, I've basically copied the code from an old Mario fangame I'd started infinity years ago. However, it doesn't seem to work in GMS the way it did back in GM7. In particular, the character jump speed - both rising and falling, are not to the speed...
  6. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Stuck to Ground when Jumping in Platformer

    I'm creating a Platformer game and I've been having some collision issues when it comes to jumping. Whenever my character jumps and lands on a raised platform, they get stuck to it. The same happens if they start on a raised piece of ground and they jump or fall to the ground below. When they...
  7. H

    Legacy GM Jump-through platforms with gravity

    Hello! I am trying to create a 2D platformer with jump-through platforms (in the shape of square boxes). However, these boxes have gravity which makes them fall through the ground if I set their masks to "nothing" whenever you are trying to jump through them (using the method shown here). This...
  8. C

    How to Jump Faster?

    I'm using code from this video, Hello I'm a noob developer, and i am making a platformer. In this platformer i made an projectile that appears whenever i jump, however the jump reaches above the projectile too slowly, can anyone tell me what to change in the code so that my player goes up 90px...
  9. C

    How to do a constantly attack while jump sprite animation?

    I've trying to do this for a while. I want to the jumping sprite change when the player is jumping and falling. I tried a lot of things but mostly of them didn't work out well. Here's the code I've put on the Player's Input Event if (!place_meeting(x,y+1,OBloco2)) && (keyboard_check(ord("X")))...
  10. Caio

    Legacy GM How to limit the jump?

    Hello, when my character jumps, if I hold the jump key, it keeps jumping and going up, can anyone help me? This is my code: //Jump if (key_jump) {vspd =-jumpspd } else { if (vspd <5) {vspd += grav; } if place_meeting(x,y,obj_ground)...
  11. C

    Legacy GM Issue with passable box

  12. M

    Legacy GM Problem with Jumpto random

    I clamped the player character between the edges of the screen, and while it works well, part of the moveset is teleporting, so I used the jump to random action, and there are times in which it makes the player go out of bounds, resulting in the game crashing, is it because of the clamp? Just...
  13. maranpis

    Jumping and attacking [SOLVED]

    Hello guys: I was trying to figure out in GM2, how to perform a melee attack in the air maintaining the gravity and the previous horizontal and vertical speed. At the moment when I perfom the attack in the air the player stops in the air and execute the animation. This is the moving script...
  14. K

    Legacy GM Best wat to make a long jump mechanic

    Okay...I am making A Platformer and and i want a mechanic so when you just tap the jump button you do a small jump and when you hold down the jump button you jump much higher... So Just Like Two JUMP Heights but you can kinda choose which one you need for this said part of the game
  15. K

    GMS 2 Physics Bug - Impulse/Jump angle on curved objects

    Hi everyone ! I'm new to gml and GMS 2 and i have a weird bug with physics. (I'm sorry, english isn't my native language, i hope you'll understand me) twitter.com/kano_stuff/status/869202284118499328 (Inside the link there's is a gif of this bug) //Jump script (BUTTON A) if...
  16. P

    Need Help with setting up a Jump action for Character!

    So I have basic code that allows my character to jump, that's nice and all but I need something more. I want to add an anticipation action before the actual jump for my character after the jump button is pressed. So the plan is to have the anticipation animation which is crouching on the spot...
  17. P

    GML Jump animation won't work

    I'm making Super Mario Bros. in GameMaker, and I've run into a problem. Well, I've actually had this problem for quite a while, but it was really bothering me lately and I wanted to find a solution. Basically, I have separate sprites for Mario's walk animation and his jump. Mario does have a...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] Collision with Object problem

    Hello, I've been struggling with a collision problem. I've got an obstacle object that moves at a negative hspeed towards the player. When the player collides with it the player also moves at that negative hspeed and if you use the jump key the player can jump to overcome the obstacles. My...
  19. S

    Need help with jumping issues

    Hello, im using gamemaker studio 2 and im trying to create basic platformer. Im using this simple code for jumping (in the image) and it works kinda fine except sometimes instead of normal (+60) jump my character does only very small (like +5 or +10) jump. Can somebody help me to solve it...
  20. R

    HELP Shooting- Change Sprite on earth vs air

    *Not native English speaker Hi, im having troubles changing the sprite of my player while he shoots (sp_nr_shoot1). 1° problem: The sprite doesnt finish and it change immediately to the "stand sprite (sp_nr_stand)", i need that the animation of the shoot sprite keeps playing till the end...