1. P

    Need help with shadows that grow and shrink with jump

    Hey everyone, I have this code implement from a tutorial I did. I have a z-axis in my game, and a jump command. When I jump, my shadow stays the same obviously. I am trying to work out an equation or simple solution to have it somehow multiply,divide, etc. by my zsp (my jump height on the...
  2. P

    Shadow that gets smaller as you jump

    PkirkbyMember Hey everyone, I have this code implement from a tutorial I did. I have a z-axis in my game, and a jump command. When I jump, my shadow stays the same obviously. I am trying to work out an equation or simple solution to have it somehow multiply,divide, etc. by my zsp (my jump...
  3. L

    Platformer jumping | friction not working (using physics)

    For some reason my character is not jumping. I have looked around and I believe I am using the right code. I put a debug message to check if I hit the code and I do. Second problem is if I set friction variable it seems to not be doing anything. If I set it under the physics window on object it...
  4. P

    How to jump in a Top-Down ARPG

    I've been following a tutorial on making an ARPG. I'm at the point where my character has basic movements and attacks. I'd like to try to implement a jump mechanic, that removes me from the instance on the ground plane, and allows me to jump in an artificial z-axis. Has anyone had any luck...
  5. P

    How to program player to jump in Isometric

    Hey everyone, I've been following a tutorial on an ARPG, I'd really like to implement a jump mechanic. Since it's a top-down style, jumping is a bit of a trick, and I'm pretty new to the program. Has anyone been able to something like this? What kind of coding do you figure it would require?
  6. I

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]How to make a proper double jump?

    So I am trying to make my character to double jump, but I either make him only jump once or jump for as many times as they want. Here is my code: jumps = 0; jumpsmax = 2; if(onGround) { jumps = jumpsmax; } if(jump && !jumpHold && jumps > 0) { jumps -= 1; ySpeed = jPower...
  7. L

    Windows 2D simple character movement help

    Hey, I wonder if u guys can help me I need to make a platform 2d jumping script but no idea this is my code, It only goes left and right and falls, but no jumping if(keyboard_check(vk_right) && place_free(x + collisionSpeed, y)){ x+=spd; image_xscale = 1; } else...
  8. G

    Legacy GM Enemy jump, wait, repeat

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to Gamemaker and GML. I've been stuck on this for a few hours now and feel like this should be obviously simple. I am making a 2D platformer and want the enemies to simply jump up and down, wait a few seconds and then repeat. I finally got the jumping part working but...
  9. A

    Cant figure out auto-attack for platformer

    Hey guys! ive been working on a platformer recently and i cant for the life of me figure out how to auto-attack enemies (moving quickly to the enemy hitbox point, which is y-16) when the player is near them and a certain key is pressed. below is a beautiful artistic example of what i mean...
  10. GapingPixel

    GMS 2 Implement Parabolic Trayectory on a Top Down

    Was wondering about the ways I can implement a Jumping behavior for an enemy on an Top Down game. My initial idea was to just add a gravity variable and apply it while making the jump. But thing is I can't make it so it goes thro solids, because that would cause that the enemy would get out of...
  11. L

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Adding double jump

    Hello, i have tried to add double jumping to my player object without success. I was hoping someone here could help me. Here is the code: Create Event //Initialize Variables grav = 0.5; //gravitation gravmax = 10; hsp = 0; //horizontal speed vsp = 0; //vertical speed movespeed = 3...
  12. L

    Double jump! ..while using variable jumping

    Hello. I'd like to add a double jump for my obj_player but i can't seem to make it work with the ledge assistance, jump input buffering and variable jumping i'm currently using. I'd like to have two jumps if i jump off the ground but only one jump if i walk off a platform. I'll send my create...
  13. Caio

    GML Jump and Gravity Question

    I'm a beginner to intermediate in the programming language part, and in GML, and I'm always trying different ways to program something. I've watched different tutorials, and most use the variable "vspeed" for the "Y" in the gravity and jump part. I tried to program using the same "Y" instead of...
  14. jwrose

    Trying to get a special jump behavior

    Hello! First time posting- I'm working on my first game in GameMaker after doing tutorials. I'm trying to make a somewhat unique jump behavior where a tap does a fairly normal gravity based jump and holding makes you go up a bit more (like a double jump) but then I want the y value to remain...
  15. N

    Legacy GM One Way Platforms --> collision checking

    Hi, I experienced problems with collison checking with one way platforms: GIF: https://i.imgur.com/wYEeo0i.gif This is my code: // Jump code: if (keyJump and (place_meeting(x,y+1,par_ground)or (place_meeting(x,y+1,obj_oneway) and vsp >=0))) { vsp = -jSpeed } //...
  16. B

    GML Blocks that keep horizontal jump momentum with castlevania-like jump?

    Hello, i'm quite new and started making my first project a few days ago. I'm making a Castlevania-like platformer where the jump's aircontrol is locked The problem is that in Castlevania, if you jump near a block, the player's momentum is kept and he'll just slide vertically until he reaches the...
  17. B

    GMS 2 Weird jump input issue

    Hello all! I just have a quick question regarding my code for my game. For some reason when my character jumps and I tap the right arrow key (to make it move right) it doesn't stop moving right until it touches the ground. When I press and release the left arrow key my character falls straight...
  18. V

    Android Cant Jump and Run

    Hi, My Name is Colin and my Game doesnt work as I like. I got a simple way to move my object. Also i got a simple way to jump. Objects that you Need to know: obj_left (to walk to left) obj_right (to walk to right) obj_up (to jump) obj_player (player) Walk Way: In both objects is one simple...
  19. B

    Legacy GM Jumping on enemy heads

    I'm trying to add a feature to my game where if you jump on the head of an enemy, you kill it. (like in Mario) I've only been "coding" for a few months and am not sure where to start. Any tips?
  20. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Awkward Dash Jump

    So in my game you can dash and if you pressed jump while dashing you go slightly further and higher but everytime the player get to the peak of it's dash jump, it looks like it hits a roof and heads down immediately (not straight down, but in a arc like how it should). It just looks weird and...